Took this shot, one of many, a few weeks ago
they are playing at the Riverside Park basketball court at 75th Street
that young man is giving those other guys a run for their money


  1. Fantastic photographs, fantastic action. I am greeting

  2. he can be their trainer!
    is that the same young man from the photo awhile back?
    I recognize his moves

  3. Good to see them outside playing hard in the fresh air instead of hunched over some computerized game!

  4. Outdoor fun is a wonderful thing to behold, super capture Daryl.

  5. I love these 'cages' that kids in US cities play in.

  6. Perfect for "Three," and a great action shot, Daryl.

  7. Wish I could move that fast! I surprise myself when I need to run after a grandson and actually do it!

  8. Can/do you play a lil ball Daryl? Nice pic. Cheers!!

  9. When I saw the title and first saw the image, my immediate reaction was.... three on three basketball. But evidently it's one on two, and the one has youth on his side, for sure!

    I do believe Riverside Park is on the way to Trumpistan...

  10. Reminds me of my brothers -- they were always shooting hoops.


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