box lunch

when it was Disneynified
 several years ago 
what was once a bastion of bad
Times Square
 turned into 
a tourist mall
 little tables and chairs
 as well as 
dressed as Disney characters 
to pose with
of course
 they all carry a little purse
 to put tips in




 one sort of good thing
thats happened
 there are more restaurants in the area
in addition to
 the old time pre-theatre restaurants
 that line the side streets

for a premium price
 you can dine 
mostly ordinary food 
served fast 
 you can eat drink and get to the theatre
 in time for curtain up

 are still matinee day
 tons of out of towners
 bussed in
 flood the area

 one evening 
I felt
 like a salmon
 swimming upstream
 against the current
 so thick and oblivious 
were the crowds

I work in Times Square
on 42nd Street
 to be precise

 I get here early
 never go out for lunch
 leave by 4:45
 I can beat the crowds


people want to eat

there have been 
from which
 to buy 

 last week I spotted
between 42nd and 41st Streets

NYC's finest
it proclaims
hot dogs
lobster rolls

lobster rolls?

in Times Square

for sure
 you is shi,



ice cream

what a nutritious menu

Mayor Mike
 you need 
to find a way
 to enforce
 a better selection of foods
along with his drink size limit

 in a few months
pizza chains
 no longer
 be able to sell
 carbonated soft drinks 16 oz or over 

dont be too upset
 you can still 
go into any
 bodega or supermarket
 to get as big a gulp as you want

stepping off the soap box

I wonder
where and what 
eat for lunch?

Nosy bloggers want to know



  1. Yeah, I had the same thought when I saw lobster rolls. Really? Just where I'd go for the "finest"! I eat lunch at home ... cause that's where I work. Ah the joys of no commute.

  2. I wouldn´t mind trying the (real?) lobster roll, at least once.

  3. I cooks ahead, I hates to cook anymore.
    I also hates to eat out anymore..;(
    So one day a week I make TV-dinners for the Papa.
    He has to eat soft and comforting stuff.. anything with a pasta.
    toss in a cooked veg (gag) and a fruit.
    Me, I dines on pizza, and Greek yogurt.

  4. Daryl, it looks like a well fortified "roach coach!"
    Sad to say that we don't really do lunch! We're generally not early risers so breakfast becomes brunch or early afternoon snack.

  5. well, since i got fired i've been eating at home. :P before that i occasionally got take-out. there weren't a lot of choices close to where i worked that were consistently good but there was a thai place that was ok and every now and then i'd pick up greek on the way in to an afternoon shift.

  6. I rarely eat lunch when I'm working. I don't have time, as I am cruising around to various blogs and leaving inane commentary :-)

  7. Hmmmm, don't think I'd do a lobster roll from a truck.
    Lunch for me is a tough one, since I go back-to-back with my classes from 9-1.
    It's usually a banana or some grapes in the 10 minutes I have between classes.

    P.S. I have not understood the 16 oz. "thing" since I first heard about it. :-(

  8. Lobster they good?

    Lunch? Well, when I worked I used to take something healthy to eat and drink. Now that I am retired, I still make something healthy, but sometimes I sin AND HAVE SOMETHING BAD FOR ME.

  9. I pack my lunch from home. Sometimes it's leftovers from the previous night's dinner, sometimes it's salad. Cottage cheese & ginger marmalade. Occasionally I'll take a drive to the Wawa down on the main drag and get soup.
    Looks like you'll have to be getting contraband sodas from Joisey.

  10. work has a food court that rotates sections open all night...
    Subway or Wendy's... neither my choice.. so on the last shift
    of my work week... when I have a co worker.. we order pizza or
    bring in things from the deli...

    I never get the BIG GULP drinks.. but its just not right
    of the mayor to decide for everyone.

  11. This looks like a vintage picture snapped in the 50s. Did they sell lobster rolls on the street in the 50s?

  12. Lobster rolls from a street cart, I don't thinks so which is a shame because they're probably really good!! I usually forget to have lunch, but if I remember I have a banana or yogurt, something like that! Aimee's usually on my case because she is a 'reformed' over eater and now is healthy and fit to the max so she tells me off for not eating enough of the 'right' stuff!!

  13. Lobster rolls?! Outside New England? I think not. Eat lunch once a week at work; whatever falls out of the fridge first...

  14. The Mayor. Gah.

    Since I'm obsessed with the health ratings on the restaurant windows, I'm sure I wouldn't eat lobster rolls out of a truck. I am familiar with the "roach coach" though. They were always at the USAF bases :)

    I eat whatever is here or I go for take out. Today it is Chick Filet which is not spelled right LOL

  15. I share the general skepticism re the street cart lobster rolls.

    I usually skip lunch, but sometimes bring leftovers from home. Salad, chicken, whatever.

  16. That drink law is a bit interfering if you ask matter how bad that stuff is for you!

    I love leftovers for lunch and I do get a little cranky if my husband gets to them first:) Otherwise its a plain old sandwich.


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