water towers

I suspect
 this was taken 
on the Eastside 
 I dont know for sure
 I know
I keep promising
 to make notes 
 I take water tower/tank shots
to be honest
 honesty the best policy 
aside from the water tanks 
I snapped in Brooklyn
 water tower photos

I promised 
to keep a log


  1. All i know is that it's in NYC and I LOVE it!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Water water everywhere and all the boards did shrink
    Water everywhere nor any drop to drink.

  3. I am a big water tower fan, no matter where it is. I should keep an eye open for one here, but there are none quite like this. Probably there are some biggies somewhere here, but nothing comes to mind.

  4. a very nice water tower on a nondescript building...the netting makes me think that construction/reconstruction was ongoing at the time?

  5. You know it's Wednesday when there's Water Towers here.

  6. I like the ladder with it's curved railing on this one.

  7. I wonder if they need to use that ladder very often..maybe if something gets in there? eeeek!

  8. I've decided to just take pics of Oklahoma style water tanks. None of them are on a roof. Oh well.

  9. Ah, but it is lovely no matter where in NY it is! ♥

  10. No log necessary.
    Just keep finding them and photographing them...
    And of course, posting them for us to enjoy. :-)

  11. I can't find your signature :( I love the colors. Awww shucks. I love all of them LOL

  12. Daryl, with the ladder and no roof, it looks like somebodies private pool!

  13. I agree with Cloudia. Who cares. They are wonderful to look at. So thanx for your photos. Besides, you could blame it on having senior moments. Cheers!!

  14. I just put my NY photos (well, just about 130 of them) in an album, but I had intended a whole section on water towers! Instead, I have just 3 or 4 photos of them. On the trip we took a couple of weeks ago, I saw water towers in Oregon, but they're those odd-shaped metal ones, generally standing out in an open field or lot.

  15. I do have to make notes when I travel..
    the iphone NOTES has been a big help
    in tracking my shots.

  16. What I try to remember to do these days,is to take a quick shot of a street sign just to have some clue, or any kind of signage that will indicate who did it and where and why!! The good thing about water towers is that they are timeless, it doesn't really matter when you took them they always look fantastic.


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