will be crying out
there are
 6 umbrellas 
not 3 

so what? 
what's it to you?
 (a line my very funny father once said in reply to a relative's 'how are you?')

we watched The Hunger Games 

 I was a little disappointed

I am not a fan of violence
in the first book 
in the first 'game'
there were
 hourly challenges
 thrown at the youngsters 
who survived
 the initial bloodbath 
at the 

made it more interesting 
along with the sponsor sent aids 
helping Katniss and Peta survive
 I impressed 
at how little
 aside from that
 I am guessing was eliminated so they would avoid a PG or R rating
was changed

Have you seen or read The Hunger Games?


  1. Yes, we saw The Hunger Games. It didn't do much for me, but I'm not a teenage girl speaking empowerment.

  2. Haven't seen the movie... I do better 'watching' violent
    movies from the comfort of home.. moving about when it gets
    too much for me.

    ... and three or six you can call it whatever you like..
    it is afterall YOUR blog.

  3. just loaded the book onto my kindle, will read it before watching the movie...I do gore much better in print than in movies/

  4. I read all the Hunger Games books and so did Little T. We loved them all as well as the movie. The movie was on point with the book.

    psst..I see seven umbrellas...really!

  5. It looks hot there!

    I've read the Hunger Games. Definitely don't want to see them as I got nightmares from the first one.

  6. I too see seven umbrellas in the picture and I could care less that there are not just three - it's a nice picture and I love the colors.

    I read the three Hunger game books and was really looking forward to the movie. I saw the movie this past weekend and was disappointed, a lot of the details were left out or at least not emphasized.

  7. No interest whatsoever in Hunger Games. Give me a biography any day.

  8. there are 3 main umbrellas
    and they're in the foreground
    and they're in size order

    how about that :)

    something about starving children and killing for food just completely turned me off
    never read or saw the movie

  9. Your Dad sounds like he had a wonderful sense of humour Daryl, see where you get yours huh! Love the sunny umbrellas, not even going to count then howZat!!

  10. Nope, and probably one of the very few people (around here anyway) that didn't.
    Did not sound like something I would like, and i have heard both raves and otherwise about it.
    Love this shot! I only see three!! :-) :-)
    Probably because I'm paying more attention to the quote (About Me) in your sidebar. I LOVE IT!!!

  11. Daryl, Haven't see or read it yet! And anyway, What's it to you!!! HeHeHe! Love it!

  12. I read these books last year, having avoided them for 3 years, because it sounded like such a sick premise. However my middle school students were all over them, so I decided to see for myself. I thought it was some of the best young adult fiction out there, and have had many in depth discussions with kids about the characters and the plot. We have talked about the haves vs the have-nots, the powerful vs the weak, the manipulation of the media, the trickiness of budding relationships, the strength of the family. About being honest and true to yourself. These are important topics.

    I saw this movie on opening day, as chaperone for the 8th grade at my workplace; we were there on an afternoon field trip. They had read 2 other dystopian novels & had to write a short paper of comparison. Awesome.

  13. Nope. I thought you were talking about real hunger - as in eating something. Not any old volence will do for me. I tend to like Hannibal. Cheers!!

  14. So. You got your sense of humor from your Dad?

    Two sets of three! duh. whats this about six?

    I am interested in solving my hunger game, deli tuna or pizza?

  15. No I haven't... I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater...

  16. Stick with's a good number. As far as the books and/or movie...have not read nor seen. Maybe when I overload on photo mags and tech book (reading about B&W & RAW conversions) I will tackle one. And I so want to use your father's retort tomorrow in the office! You know darn well at least 1/2 the people who ask you how you are don't care. The response is perfect! Love it!!!

  17. I haven't read the book or seen the movie... but then again I'm the last person in America who hasn't read any of the Twilight books or the Dragon Tattoo series.

  18. You know my thoughts on the movie. And six is just double the fun for threes.


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