you get to the 
Brooklyn side 
of the bridge
 you walk
 down stairs
  to your left 
on Prospect Street
bear around the corner
keep to the right
Old Fulton Street

you are thinking 
you might be lost 
 are there
 to point the way

they seem to be saying
this is the way
Brooklyn Bridge Park
have a nice visit

and I did

Googled and Googled
 could not come up
 for this piece
 if anyone knows
about it
 can share
I would appreciate it!


Stephen Hayes said...

An interesting piece. I wonder why they didn't make the proportions accurate. The adult body is six and a half to seven heads tall.

joanne said...

that is so cool, I love seeing things from my mom's old stomping grounds since she isn't here to tell me about them I always feel a little smile in my heart...thanks D.

deborah said...

nice Victorian silhouettes...good that one is pointing the way!

Lisa Gordon said...

I have to agree with what they might be saying, and how perfect is that??

Suldog said...

How long does it take to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge?

Robin said...

Daryl, interesting. I like! A lot! You really drew me in to the shot!

Country Girl said...

If I were the artist, I would have wanted something stating that I did the work. I tried to google for you too, but couldn't find anything.

Mental P Mama said...

I dunno. But I like!

caite said...

I have never walked the Bridge..I will
have to do it one day and let those three point the way. :-)

Madge Bloom said...

Love that story.. doesn't it drive you nuts when you can't find any information like that??

Akelamalu said...

Don't know who made it but I like it!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's always good to come across a guiding 'finger' Daryl. I agree that it does have a Victorian feel to it, so annoying when there's no info to be found.

Mommy Lisa said...

That is freaking COOL. I love them.

faye said...

love this...
hate finding some interesting piece and
no info tag...

Hilary said...

Nifty find. Have you found out anything yet?