I'm Late!

I feel
 a little 
Alice's Mad Hatter 
racing about 
I'm Late, I'm Late
Mondays are busier than others
 so some Mondays
 I hustle to get things work related done
 I can head over here

 here I am 

that rain I whined about in Friday's post?  
never happened  
 it happened 
 in a window of time
 before and after
I could have gotten any number of things done 
I did get my beautification started earlier

 the threat of storms
on a Friday 
chased away more than my plans
 to go walk the Mosaic Trail 
my darling Sandy
 who blow dries my hair into obedience
 on Saturday mornings
 texted around 4:30 on Friday
 to say 
wanna come by now?  
I did

Not only did Nicole give me a amazing shampoo/scalp massage 
Sandy bought a bottle of Malbec 
we sipped as she styled
 I might need to switch my appointments to Fridays

 I slept in a bit
going to Polished for my mani/pedi 
I called first so I didnt confuse anyone by showing up a day early
 the rest of Saturday 
was spent hanging with Toonman and the cats 

I got down to the East Village 
a walk on Mosaic Trail was not in the cards
a return to Fishs Eddy
brunch with a dear friend

  Jess and I
 met a long time ago
 on a soap opera chat board
 it turned out 
we worked near one another
 had a lot in common
over the years a friendship has grown 
 her marriage to Joe
 the birth of their son Harlan
 visits to their Brooklyn apartment 
before they moved to Austin, TX 
where Shane was born
 Jess and Joe with the boys come to NYC every summer to visit family friends and me  
I got to spend some great face time with Jess
ABC Carpet's Pipa restaurant
 after that 
we wandered ABC's main floor 
oh boy 
could I ever get into trouble

 a necklace called my name 
 Jess shouted louder
 'step away, step away, think about it from over here' 
I didnt buy it 
she tried to convince me that I was creative, 
could take a jewelry making course 
make my own
 Did I mention Jess is extremely creative?
 she is a amazing 
she started making onsies for friends having babies 
turned that into a mini business with an Etsy shop for a while 

I digress

later in the afternoon 
she texted me
do not buy the necklace
she'd found beads
 just like the ones 
on the ABC necklace 
 she had gold wire 
she's going to make me a 'knock off' 

all in all 
a good weekend 
not getting the photos I wanted

thanks for tagging along
its always more fun with you!

I did get one photo
to share with you 
if you look closely you'll see a water tower!
(the Aug 12 signifies August 2012)
Hipstamatic app Lucas AB2 lens, BlacKeysB+W film no flash entered in HipstarollWeek 62 


  1. Sounds like a heck of a nice weekend, all things taken together!

  2. Howdy! been a while, got my nose out of my KF. that's not chicken, it's my kindle fire.. loving your Monday morning blogs, well, I love all of them but Monday is so .. Darlyized.

  3. Love the photo...has sort of a Dorothy/Toto feel to it!

    I really want to see that necklace...

  4. My weekend was kind of a dud. Son got sick, wife had to go out of town. bleh

  5. Thought of you when I heard NYPD was chasing a knife welding loon around Times Square! Yikes!

    I see the WT peeking out :)

    I'm glad you had such fun with your friends. You can really fill up a weekend! Love it :)

  6. great friends, great food, great beautification, and time spent with cats...sounds as if you had a very nice weekend!

  7. Daryl, glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  8. SO enjoy living vicariously through you!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  9. That restaurant menu looks different than when I ate there, but maybe it's just my memory going. I didn't think it was called Pipa either! It's attached to ABC, isn't it? You can enter from the shop, going down the steps or from the street on the other side. So glad you got to see your friend!

  10. A whisper of a water tower seems like a shout in the context of your work.

  11. Thanks for taking me along on your adventures. Gotta love old friends who look out for you.

  12. Sounds like a good plan to have the hairdo on a Friday, leaves you more time free on the weekend to get out there with your camera. I've just had two days in bed with flu so I'm raring to get out there in the fresh (and believe me it is fresh) air. I see the water tower, but this image is all about that incredibly ominous sky oui!

  13. I cannot believe how much you pack into your weekends!
    You are amazing!


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