giving it the fish eye

I took that shot of my desk with the fun fish eye Olloclip lens the cats got me for Mother's Day

do things feel a little weird?

all the celebrating 
on the Fourth
 some of us 
to go back to work
 on the Fifth 

It wasnt bad
 at all
from getting up before the crack of dawn
 the subways were practically empty 
the streets seemed more like a Saturday
 than a Thursday
 the office was like a ghost town

 take the month of August as holiday time
 here in the States 
most people
 tack their vacation
 on to 
holiday weeks
Memorial Day, 
Fourth of July
 Labor Day

 so they get a few extra days

I love
 those weeks
 everyone else is gone
 no lines 
no crowds
 no stress

 I worked Thursday 
 for me 
Friday is a vacation
 a tradition 
I began several summers ago
love it
love it
so much 
I didnt mind 

 did I mention 
there was no one in the office
 my own
AC'd space
 I did a little catch up
 while the bosses #1, #2 and The Cousin are away
 no phones rang
 no one came to visit

 it was
 it was 
 our group grew and moved into this space 

so what did you do on Thursday?
what's on your agenda for the weekend?
noisy bloggers are askin'


  1. Cute effect. A cat's face would be fun to see with that lens.

  2. I like the idea of FrIdaycation. I think I can incorporate that into my busy schedule quite nicely.

  3. i contemplated whether i should go fishing as the fish were jumping and practically luring me to catch them. i didn't go, but will tonight, with A LOT of mosquito repellent!

  4. I'm going to be a wimp and try to stay indoors as much as possible...just too hot and muggy here to do much outdoors. Hope you are having a wonderful Fridaycation and weekend!

  5. It was a little strange in the middle of the week, but nicely quiet around here because I suppose many people left last Friday for the week. I have stayed away from the Coast because I have no doubt it's busy there. I think our summer temps are going to hit tomorrow and stay with us for all of July. You will find me indoors every afternoon when that happens.
    Have a good Friday!

  6. It's quiet here too. The heat sends our technicians home early and keeps the phone quiet so I have quiet afternoons. Today I leave early as the Brat Child is sick and tomorrow I take Midge to her college orientation.

  7. Thursday I did grocery shopping and gardening. Today I did greengrocery shopping at the local market and I will be picking one of the grandchildren up from school this afternoon. Two of the grandchildren are staying with us tonight. Tomorrow my brothers and all the children will be at my house, then we're out tomorrow night with friends and on Sunday. :)

  8. I procrastinated. That has to stop today. gah

  9. HI Daryl,
    I'm a new reader by way of Kate and Reena's blogs.
    As for my weekend plans, I"ll be suffocating in a sea of paint chips trying to chose colors for our new house!
    I'm looking forward to keeping up with your views of NYC. My second son has been in Manhattan now for 5 years and loves it! Now that we've moved closer (VA) I'm hoping to get up there more often.
    Enjoy your Friday!

  10. I love fisheye photos, yours is great. I love my every other Friday off and I love the every other Friday work day because half the people are gone and I can get a lot done.

  11. A very quiet Thursday in my office... the only phone calls were auto-dialing telemarketers!

  12. Love the fish eye lens Daryl, such fun to use. Trains are so much more pleasant when they're not crowed to the max. We're into Saturday here in Perth, had a great Friday, Aimee had a flexi day off so we hit the shops and ate waffles (bad!). Storms and rain over weekend so keeping cosy will be the go for moi..Looking forward already to your Monday blather!! have a great weekend.

  13. Know what you mean. To me, it's felt like one long weekend since last weekend.
    This weekend? The weather promises to be beautiful and a bit less hot, so lots of time outside
    doing whatever comes to mind. This type of weekend does not come along very often, so looking forward to it.
    Love your office fish eye shot!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  14. Have no plans and I'm good with's too hot to do anything outside!!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Daryl :)

  15. Daryl, sounds like you had a break even though you were working! Almost like a day off in itself!
    For us Thursday was just Thursday! We went grocery shopping!
    We are finally getting some summer weather Sunny and Warm. Not hot, but that's okay too!
    No weekend plans. Just going to enjoying getting my vitamin D levels back up and getting rid of the S.A.D. which I unfortunately suffer from!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Worked on Thursday and then again this morning. This afternoon, I lounged in my friend's pool. It made me happy.

  17. looking forward to a panoramic fish eye thing.
    This weekend, Ha I am going to enjoy my new hair.. red. no joke.

  18. I like your idea of Fridaycations.

    Tomorrow I am headed to Hatteras Island for a week of no work, no responsibilities and ho headaches other than those which are wine-induced.

    Can't wait.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  19. I remember working some days like that on the waterfront when we lost some shipping lines... it was a delight for a few weeks and then boredom set in... love your shot!

  20. I had to work Thursday and Saturday. Thursday was business as usual, but Saturday was the same kind of slow, quiet, deserted atmosphere. If only all the days could all be like that.


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