another monday

this time
 its a 
sort of full week
 I do have
 to look forward to
 a dinner
 with good friends 

 is supposed 
to be less oppressive
 this week
 the weekend
 is shaping up
 to be
 heat wave #4 

did you know 
that on this date
 in 1936 
set a record high temperature
 I do believe
 that was well 
air conditioning

 so if you felt a little like this 

this past week 
you know
 those people
back in 

 a walk in the park
 late yesterday afternoon
 I decided
 we should just walk
 we did 
 I had my iPhone out
Instagrams and Hipstamatics 
amazingly good WiFi in the park
Toonman looked at me and said
No camera, huh?

its often good to let him have the last word
except to say
thank you for coming along


  1. I imagine your city gets pretty hot and no A/C would be miserable. Our heat is finally hitting so we just hope for cooling nights and nice mornings. And then finding something to do inside for the rest of the day. Crochet? Knitting?, not for me. And here we are, the dog days of summer.

  2. We're still having L.O.T.S. of rain. :(

  3. This crazy hot weather broke yesterday with a vicious thunderstorm (knocked our power out once again) and the temp is more moderate this morning.
    Glad that you had a nice walk - how can you not take a few pictures? That wouldn't be any fun!
    Take care and don't work too hard this week!

  4. my brother was born in August, in the early 50's when there was little A/C, and I can remember my mother saying the only relief she could get in the last month of her pregnancy was to go to the movies..they all had great A/C and she would spend the day

  5. Wise woman to let them have the last word...although we know in our heads, WE have had the last word! Stay cool!

  6. Yup hot, hot, hot, but we're sure used to it here in Oklahoma. Actually, we're getting a cool down this week, in the 90's!

  7. yeah, the never-ending heat wave. we've had some relief in recent days here in the Midwest, but no rain. I recall summers when I was a child and they were hot hot and humid, with no A.C. We slept on the floor in my parent's bedroom because they had a south-facing room and the only breeze was a hot one out of the southwest. I think we're spoiled now, but I like this kind of spoiled, because I'm not giving up my A.C.! I know what you mean about leaving the camera at home - I feel lighter and liberated. Sometimes I even leave my phone behind! happy day to you. Stay cool.

  8. Love that Toonman understands your need to record images! My man often drives country roads for me so I can concentrate on my camera. Believe it or not, we hit 100 here in NE Oregon yesterday. Fortunately, thunderclouds rolled in (wind for the second night but not so destructive this time---the power stayed on here)and rain came to cool things off. Today it's cloudy and cool. We anticipate more 90-degree days this week, however. (Was there as much concrete and asphalt in NYC in 1936? Surely that intensifies the heat.)

  9. Very soon in Belgrade I will really feel like that (thistle?) and look like it, the high 90-s--low 100-s.

  10. Daryl, hope your week is a bit cooler. It has got quite hot here too! Summer at last! We were into the 30's this weekend. Had a great thunderstorm last night. Poured down for a bit. So the air got cleaned and the plants watered and the temps down to where it's bearable!

  11. 106 degrees in New york without air conditioning would be more than uncomfortable. I wonder how many people died in that heat wave.

  12. I can't imagine being in the city with 106 degree temps. I bet there were a lot that died during that heat wave. So sad.

  13. Do LOVE your posts!
    I cannot even begin to imagine 106 without air conditioning.

  14. when you gotta snap, you gotta snap

    I can't believe I'm treating 85 like it's cool out but today is such a relief

  15. Love the shot...FRAZZLED!! The seasons seem to be getting so extreme now, bit of a worry. 106 without air conditioning would have been pretty unbearable but I guess they found ways to keep cool even way back then!

  16. I almost always regret when the rare instances when I don't bring my camera along. Yes, 106F is crazy hot.. that's 41C. We've hit a few days of 36C with a 45C humidex (that's a humidex of 113). Outrageous without A/C

  17. Oh, too funny, you and your phone, Daryl.
    It was lovely and warm while I visited the west coast of Canada, and one of the beautiful Gulf Islands, but then I came home to hot-hot-hot. Setting no records yet, except for humidity, here on the desert part of the prairie.

  18. Ha! That happens to me a lot lately too....:) Stay cool!

  19. I often wonder how people managed to live here in Israel before air conditioning. It really doesn't bear thinking about, especially after we just spent four days baking in Eilat (the annual Jay's company's torture fest) where this year it was ONLY a balmy 104... Gah.

  20. Many of us grew up without it but I sure don't know how we did it!

    With all the concrete, I can imagine it does get HOT, but lots of shade from tall building too, but all those people!! Oh my.

    Glad you two lovebirds had a nice walk ♥

  21. you do make me smile... letting Toonman have the occasional
    last word.....

    only in the 90's here.. heat indices around 100... not too bad
    whizzing along on the mower.. darn grass gotta grow.....


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