water towers

a few weeks ago 
 a few months ago
 I posted
 about an art project
 that would be happening in NYC
 in the spring of 2013
 water towers/tanks
 the city 
would be
made beautiful 
by various artists

 I plan on finding as many as I can 
sharing them with you

  last week
 a comment was left by Linda

 if you've found your way here again,
 thank you for the comment 
 know that I couldnt reply to you
there was no blog or email attached to your comment

 Linda left me a link in the comment 
 this one
 - click here
its a water tank
 made of stained glass
 its over in Brooklyn
 near or looking 
 the Brooklyn Bridge 

its gorgeous
 I am hoping
 I will get out to see it in person,
 camera in hand 
so I can share my shot of it with you

 go look at it via that link 
if you want to learn more
the water tank project 
to see how
 artist Tom Fruin
 put that stained glass tank together.


  1. Looking forward to the
    'finds' along the way as
    you look for the water towers
    and the deco towers will be
    fabulous I am sure.

    happy hunting !!

  2. Omigosh! I want to see the "art" towers! I'll be sure to tell our son about the one in Brooklyn and hope that he will make the effort to see it.

  3. I personally think these water towers are beautiful as they are - I love the patina and history attached to them and your photo shows them so well, xo

  4. We had a program like that in our city for a while, but for utility cabinets. My favorite features the quote "the modern era began the day that nature became scenery".

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that stained glass water tower - big thanks to Linda for sharing it!

  5. A classic pair! and wonderful news about the project!
    that stained glass tower is beautiful..shame it does not 'work' but that would be asking too much.

  6. don't forget the coffee table book I "told" you to do!!
    I want to attach myself to a star

    I love the grit of this shot

  7. Good morning! Great shot of the two water towers...can't wait to see your shot of the stained glass tower. That is beautiful, functioning or not...
    You really should publish a coffee table book of your photos - you depict the human side of the city so well!

  8. The stained glass is gorgeous. Erik's daughter and her guy recently moved to Brooklyn so I'm going to send her the link.

  9. I do love the industrial look of your towers above Daryl, but the odd brightly painted one or two would look amazing scattered around. OMG the glass tower is fabulous, I can imagine what it would look like with the sun reflecting off the coloured glass, such a brilliant concept, thank the lord for talented, imaginative people oui!

  10. Coffee table book? Why yes, Ms. Daryl, please get right to it and I want an autographed copy please!

    I was blown away by the website itself. The way it flowed and moved. Each time I thought I had a favorite rendering, I chose another. Great project, but I like them just the way they are too. I liked the one with the lady in the water.

    Can't wait to see this from "your eyes" xoxoxox

  11. Coffee table book.. makes money?
    Ikea baby! makes you money!
    I know, a materialistic gal I am.
    You can be a starving artist or make money at something you love to do and then retire with enough to buy shoes and beautify weekly. just saying.

  12. Daryl, very interesting! I love your water towers! In this modern day and age, they seem to be a throw back to days gone!
    Like this header too!

  13. Wonderful textures here Daryl!
    I absolutely LOVE your new header!
    So good!

  14. Wow, what a water tank. I also love your new header. One of my favorite magazines.

  15. You've changed your banner while I've been gone. I love it!

  16. Love your new banner. What a very cool project -- and what fun to go around photographing them. That stained glass one is gorgeous.

  17. Excellent combination of modern architecture & contemporary designs

    Hope to see more snaps of water tanks from your side



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