have seen
 this guy 

 not here 
I may not remember 
which water tower 
I posted 
 I remember
 the dogs

took his photo 
when I was with Kate and Reena
 in Chestnut Hill 

Kate did 
two posts about it 
with much better photos 
her blog is
if you 
know her 

its possible 
you've seen this guy 
 he is a darling
 all the attention
 he gets 
as he takes his fresh air 
watches the shoppers passing by


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, he's gorgeous, Daryl. He has that beautiful Golden Retriever smile just like our Lindy, and I'll bet he welcomes all the attention he gets, just as she does. My very favorite kind of photos.

Jeane said...

this is a wonderful photo!! so well done!! xo

Jeane said...

ps love the new header xo

caite said...

He looks so totally huggable.

Dianne said...

I do remember him
He was enjoying the AC coming from the open shop door while smiling for all on the street
He is magnificent

deborah said...

Such a handsome boy! I'm sure he laps up the attention he receives as he watches the people go up and down his street

Akelamalu said...

He looks sweet. :)

judi/Gmj said...

They are such a gentle breed. Such is my granddog. She looks like him and would be a lap dog if she could.

Robin said...

Daryl, a very handsome fellow indeed!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

He's a lovely old chap Daryl, he must be so used to having his photo taken.

Hilary said...

What a beauty!