the vortex or paseo paseo

I flew from Newark to Atlanta to meet my friend Mary 
connect to a flight to Albuquerque 
apparently ABQ is considered an international airport 
 you cant get there from here 
 a connection
 I think its better to have two short-ish flights
 than one really long one
okay moving along
when we picked up our rental car 
there was a shortage of compact cars
 to save time
 the agent 'borrowed' one from another company
3 companies are owned by the same megacompany
 we got a Chevy 
oy and vey 
no pick up 
would be an 
nevertheless it got us where we wanted to go

We were driving along on 25
 (not sure if it was a route or an interstate) 
when we spied our first sign of New Mexico's
 a dust devil
 it was so weird
no photo because
 (a) camera was still packed in carry on 
(b) we'd gotten some momentum up and didnt want to lose it

we did stop at Santa Domingo Pueblo 
where the local Indians sell crafts and tamales
I got some of both
 a touch of the 'Santa Domingo Cleanse'
a distant relation of Montezuma's Revenge

The exit we were to take off 25 was closed for repairs
so we drove to the next exit 
 I believe 
we entered 
every left was actually a right
every right actually a left
all roads
to lead to 
Paseo de Peralta
 (I renamed it Paseo Paseo because it kept repeating)
after some U turns we drove into Santa Fe

as soon as we drove past these
 I yelled 
Mary did
 I hopped out to get my first shots

Santa Fe Railyards are now a hub for both the
Santa Fe Southern Railway
lots of shops 
the weekend Farmer's Market

(this train photo is for Suldog)

this is our hotel
The Chimayo
on Washington Street

this is the lobby

this is the walkway to the little casitas and loft rooms

we had a loft room

 it had a sweet little terracita
(with two small tables and 6 chairs)

after we unpacked
we headed out to get the lay of the land
St Francis Cathedral

where we stopped to rest
do many birds and flying insects
(I missed a great shot of a hummingbird because I was so astonished to see one I froze!)

after more walking window shopping we looked in on La Casa Sena
it looked so nice we did some more wandering before returning for some refreshing drinks and some delicious 'small bites'
(that's the vegetarian sampler)

While we were relaxing 
Mary leaned back 
thinking her chair was going to tip
 she grabbed the table
 it started to topple over 
I grabbed it on my end
 saving my camera and wine 
 her margarita went sloshing 
 three men were there righting the table
 cleaning up the spill 
 laughing with us
 that's how we came to meet Richard and his two partners
 were invited to attend Thursday evening's Diva Night 

our plan for that evening 
to drive out to the 
Opera House 
 get some sunset photos
 those early clouds boded well for a colorful sunset

well, the best laid plans dont always work out
waiting for the sun to begin to set we decided to grab an hour's nap
no we didnt over sleep
we got up refreshed 
drove out to the Opera House and got lost
turned around again
by the time
we got to the Opera House
 the gates were locked
the sky was black

back at the hotel 
I decided to call it a day
the bed was so inviting I quickly fell asleep
Mary was hungry so she went in search of food

Bright and sunny and cool 
that was how
a large inexpensive delicious breakfast at 
The Burrito Co. 
(just 2 doors away from our hotel)

the light
Santa Fe
 is amazing
 I totally understand 
 it is a mecca for artists

we did a lot on Thursday
we shopped 

bought amazing chocolate 
made from recipes hundreds of years old

got to visit San Meridith's gallery 
 on West San Francisco
San is a blogger 
so she hasnt blogged
 in a while
 I think these are a good excuse
she used to do only abstracts now she's into sunsets

 I knew San wasnt going to be there
we emailed before I left NYC 
 I decided to stop by and peek in the window 
I got to do that 
I got to meet her son Oakley
 who I felt as if I knew from San's blogging 

outside the gallery Mary spotted this license plate

we also browsed the Indian 'market' that is across from the main plaza

we wandered Canyon Roads many art galleries 

all before
 heading back to the hotel
 freshening up for 
Diva Night

that's me with Bella Gigantia (aka Richard)

 Diva Night 
which was such fun 
every one of the performers had Broadway quality voices 
we went to a park that overlooks the city
(at Oakley's recommendation)
and got the sunset shots we were after
then we decided to do a little driving 
we ended up
having dinner

the sunset

just to prove
 this place is 
I got a moon shot! 
 Toonman said to title this 
Shine on Sliver Moon

we breakfasted 
did a little more shopping 
heading back to Albuquerque 
flying home

I spotted these tee shirts at a small shop just past Burrito Co.

here it is being modeled by Toonman

to wrap up the trip 
here's Kokopelli
go on 
say it

I love Kokopelli
love saying Kokopelli

I took a lot of photos
 this recap
 in as short a form
 as I could manage
 check out 
for all the photos 
over the next week or two

I bet you need to stretch after all that
go ahead
I understand
thanks for wading through the verbosity!


  1. Lovely shots. I, of course, am particularly enamored with the one of the train (and I thank you.) The station itself is a fascinating piece of architecture. Love the openness of it (and I'm usually a closed-space kind of guy, when it comes to train stations, but that fits the surroundings so nicely!)

  2. My scroll button finger is tired now from trying to reach the comment box LOL.

    What a fantastic trip - full of adventures, photos opps, great food, and even divas. What more could a girl need?

    I agree with you about the two short flights but I had to laugh, since your "long" would be my short!

  3. That was a whirlwind trip. Yes, Santa Fe is beautiful with its pueblo style and bright colors. Having lived in the Southwest for a dozen years, it is too overdone for my taste. But I have a beautiful piece of Sugilite (sp?) purchased near there which I had made into a necklace. I'm glad you had fun:-)

  4. WOW you packed in a lot! Love the photos Daryl.

  5. Oh I so thoroughly enjoyed this trip!! All the photos, the story...everything!

    You girls packed a lot into one trip. Wonderful!

    Love Toonman's shirts!

  6. Ohhh...the memories this brings back! What an enchanting place.

  7. WOWOWOWOWOOW What a trip. The colors, the food, the people, even the vortex! I love it all. Cool T-shirts, great art, fun divas! Love! I was thoroughly enchanted!

  8. Santa Fe is on my bucket list. Thanks for this tease...what a great trip you had! (love Toonman's shirt, btw)

  9. Daryl, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! And the telling and showing of it was great!
    Good friends, good food, and new places to explore and get lost in. What more could one want!

  10. So you did do something besides EAT!! HA Great photos D. I knew you would get some good ones.

  11. What a wonderful and event-packed couple of days for you!
    So glad that you had such a good time.

  12. Wow, feels like I've been AWAY!

    awesome post, Dar

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  13. Beautiful pictures, sounds like a wonderful trip. Maybe a potential locale for a future Blog Fest.....

  14. sounds like me getting stuck in a DC traffic circle
    I swear I came out in VA

    love the giraffes
    and the buildings a
    and that circular staircase
    so many pretty things
    including youse two :)

  15. That Kokopelli is a mischievous little one, isn't he? I love the look of that town - the light and the colors. So pretty.

  16. Wow, that is one big post, an embarrassment of riches.
    And I am still shocked you did not have your camera in hand but in a suitcase! Shocking!

  17. What a great post...smiled through the whole thing! Love the photos...especially the doorway (great lighting is right!) and the moon (you did it!). Beautiful hotel, cool t-shirts...Excellent entertaining post!

  18. Fabulous trip Daryl, enjoyed every bit of it! Tell me is 'Santa Domingo Cleanse' a little like 'King Tut's Tum' that one might experience in Egypt?? I loved the look of Hotel Chimayo (noted incase I'm ever in Santa Fe)and oh the way..Kokopelii hahahaha!!

  19. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time. I'd love to see that part of your country. Too bad you weren't able to meet San. We need to nudge her into blogging again. Love the Kokopelli. I have a Kokopelli candle and Frank and I have a two of the each etched in stone (separate pieces but from the same stone) which we hope to display in the new place whenever we find it. It's similar to these.. same artist.

  20. Oh, I enjoyed traveling with you to Santa Fe. Love the loft room and the food...

  21. Had a great time and I am so glad you took us along. I can smell it. Smells like corn tortillas.

  22. It didn't seem long at all! Your writing makes everything fun including getting lost:) It was fun to accompany you on this trip via Instagram but this really made me feel like I was there!

    Wondering if the other side of Toonman's new shirt says "My wife went to Santa Fe and all I got was this t-shirt" :)

  23. You had quite the trip. You did Santa Fe right. I just love going there, its different every time and full of surprises.

  24. What a fun trip! I loved getting to tag along. The last time I was in Santa Fe (other than driving through) I was in 7th grade and couldn't really appreciate it. So thank you!


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