this that and some of the other

it was
a perfect weekend 


so there was 
to paraphrase
 Lerner & Lowe
 it only fell after sundown 

temps were perfect for walking
whilst I beautified
Toonman opted for a solo

I took a long wander
Columbus Circle
back uptown 
 Street Fair on Broadway

this new week 
continuing throughout the coming days
scattered rain 
which means
 keep your umbrella handy
 try not to catch cold

this week also starts off 
 two birthdays
I am sure there are more than 
two birthdays
to my knowledge 
please correct me if I am wrong
 no one else
 I know
 is having one 
Happy Birthday
 to my sister SILESQ 
to my dear friend Annie 
I hope you both have fabulous birthdays!

Do you ever make notes of ideas to use in posts?
 Do you have a shorthand?
key word?
 you use to remind you 
of the brilliant thoughts bubbling
 that you were too lazy
 to sit and write 
were somewhere 
your computer?

I had a few amazingly fabulous ideas 
I was sitting on the couch
I had both iPad and iPhone at hand
I made notes
one reads
another reads
I have absolutely no idea what either means!

I do have another reminder 
an actual
of words
an actual thought
but I am saving it
because I think in some way it ties into the cycles and knuckles

before I go I want to thank you for sitting through all this blather and drivel
I give you
my homage to tourists

instagram iphoneography

as my friend Suldog says

Soon, with more better stuff.



  1. I enjoy reading your 'blather'! So glad you had a nice weekend!
    It is a beautiful day here...was just watching a woodpecker, a pair of blue jays and a squirrel eating from the feeders. A little natural entertainment:)

  2. Boxing...hardly 'blather and drivel.' But definitely a depressingly wet Monday. Stay dry!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    I'll get to NYC soon (at least before the 8th.)

  4. I would be have second thoughts about riding on one of those open air touristy buses... don't they get pooped on by pigeons? My daughter was walking around Atlanta one time and a pigeon pooped on her. OH well... guess there's just no accounting for a rude pigeon here or there.

    Happy birthday to your friend and your sis, and may the pigeon of happiness not poop on them.

  5. Bright and cheerful taxis. Lovely blog.

  6. It's gray and rainy here today. Your cheery weekend photo was just the thing to see on a dull day. Thanks!

  7. This is full of goodness. The shot of the tourist bus is excellent. And the request for thoughts, also excellent.

    Yes, I use shorthand of some sort or another. I usually keep a page or two in a notebook full of three or four word phrases that I suppose, when I write them down, will bring to mind something I intended to write about in full. Often, I look at a phrase and say, "WTF?" Usually, that's from when I awake in the morning (or, more rare, the middle of the night) and scribble something down before I forget it. It is generally nonsense when I see it a few days later - "Monkey pajamas!" or "Funhouse in the rain" or some other total non sequitur.

  8. Excellent blather Daryl, no I never make notes mainly for the reasons you stated, I would find odd disjointed bits and pieces that would make no sense whatsoever, I prefer to 'freefall' with whatever comes to mind and a lot of googling haha! The tourist bus brought back memories of Aimee and I sitting on the top deck on such a vehicle in London, it was sooooo blooming cold, we lasted about half an hour before retreating inside, was fun though!!

  9. Daryl, glad you had a great weekend! Yes, it was wet and cool this weekend. It's continuing today and is a gloomy, cool Monday!
    I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to make notes for everything I do. Can't seem to make it from here to there and remember what I was going there for! Mind you I have a great memory, but it's awful short!

  10. I enjoyed the blather and I think your weekend sounds very nice. Walking in drizzle can be pleasant. Walking in cold rain or a downpour...not so much.

    Have you watched Veep? JLD is terrific, as usual.

    Have a pleasant week:-)

  11. We actually had sun yesterday... went to in-laws' place for a catch-up birthday lunch; son-in-law's, his niece's, father's, and now little Luka...who had a birth day, but not a birthday yet.

  12. Your weekends are always lovely because you make them that way! Love that you share...

    I took shorthand in high school. Obviously time wasted :(

    My head might feel better if I jotted stuff down and actually got it put somewhere. As it stands, it circles around in my head and I find myself clenching my fists until my knuckles turn red. How was that? LOL hahahahaha

  13. Cycles and knuckles? King Kong on a Harley?

  14. Daryl, as I read this, I checked "Notes" on my iPhone and I have about 22 one or two word notes there. I know what less (way less) than half of them mean! So glad to know I'm not the only one. I wonder if I would do better with the voice recorder. Probably not!
    Loved this post!

  15. Laughing out loud at the words you wrote that have lost their meaning for you. Too funny. Like your homage there.

  16. I will be mulling knuckles and cycles over and over this evening:) It was a lovely weekend up until the thunderstorms that is! I do write notes to myself sometimes...and then I forget where I wrote them:)

  17. Happy birthday to Annie and Silesq!

    Regarding notes, I make them and then lose them. Same with grocery lists. Make them, then leave them at home.

    Regarding cycles and knuckles, maybe you wanted to punch a bicycle courier. I know I always did when I worked in the city (DC, many moons ago).

  18. This makes me laugh because Frank does that all the time. He has no clue what he's talking about.. or even scarier.. sometimes he does. I learned long ago to be more detailed in my prompts to self. Love the bus image.

  19. any blogger who can't relate to this is probably lying, LOL-

    We now have double-deckers too....

    Enjoy your week!
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  20. excellent example of blather and drivel. (:

  21. Wonderful !

    Please have a good weekend ahead.

    daily athens photo

  22. Scattered showers, yes that's Seattle's forecast for the next few days too. I don't mind though it keeps the year end behavior 'dampened' on the school bus, just five more days and we're out for summer. At first I thought your shot was advertising on a building and then realized it was a tourist bus! Love that! Thank you Daryl, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #34!

  23. Guess I was one of those 'other people' with a birthday on the 6th. Enjoyed it.

  24. LOVE your blog! So glad I found you through Weekly Top Shot!!!!

  25. j'aime beaucoup la photo du New Yorker, c'est l'hotel ou je descends quand je viens a NYC

    Merci d'avoir participer au challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"


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