stalking? you be the judge

good morning 
happy monday 
for me
 its going to be a short week
 I fly off 
Santa Fe
 dont you wish you were me

its going to be a 
very busy 
2 days here at the office 
getting things tied up
neat knots
 while I am photo hunting 

last week
'ran into' 
a fellow commuter 
 I dont know him
have seen him 
several times
several mornings
 waiting for the subway
 in the same spot
 I do 
we native New Yawkers
 who subway it 
(I do believe thats a transitory verb)
 just where to stand 
just where the doors open
 which car to ride in 
so you can walk off
 head out
 closest to where you need 
end up

Times Square
 is my stop
the last car 
on the downtown train
 lets one out 
steps away 
from the steps 
up and out
 of the subway

 disgression again!

I stand in the same spot every morning
as does every other rider
 its sort of
 in our genes

 this man dresses casually 
he's trim
 he sweats 
I know this because 
he carries in his back pocket 
a sort of 'nudgy'
 a Linus' blankie
a small square piece of towel 
moping his balding head 
many times 
he also 
doesnt hold on 
when he's inside the train
 so when the train speeds up
 takes a turn
 he often is thrown off balance
 is nearby
 as he tries to regain
 I call
 'subway stance'
 a way of standing
 legs spread 
just the right amount apart 
to keep you on keel 
while still holding on 
just in case 

do I sound like a stalker?  
 he fascinates me 
ever since
 I saw him chatting 
a very well dressed woman
waiting for the train
 they both got on
 they'd been talking
 he'd been talking 
she didnt seem to have much to say 
when we got to 72nd Street 
she told him she was getting off
 taking the express
 they said ta ta
her relief was evident 
at least to me

we got to Times Square
 in that way
 that is so 
New York
 as our local pulled in
did the express
 she stepped off the express
 just as he stepped off the local 
I know 
I was right behind him

he said

 I must tell you
 oh good I missed you
 it was
 oy he's back 

 they both walked off 
to the shuttle

making me 
 how they come to know one another


  1. All that sweating - he's a serial killer. I can just tell.

  2. Santa Fe! Awesome.... have not been there in far too many years and just love the place to pieces. Will look forward to a bit of photo ops from you? Hope so.

  3. You visiting someone or just going for fun? I'd like a bald headed man update next week, please.

  4. How funny about that man. I suppose even in such a big city, the routines would create a greater chance for recognition when it comes to strangers. Have a great trip to Santa Fe. I hope the NM fires are out so you can see the brilliant blue skies.

  5. ooh, a creepy bald guy who stalks a well-dressed woman - plot for a mystery novel?
    Enjoy your trip to Santa Fe! Enjoy and take lots of photos to share with us (your very own stalkers:))

  6. Such a stalker you are! But fun to watch and observe in the big city. So much to take in. Trying to catch up from Istanbul and here I see you are taking off to Santa Fe ... looking forward your travels and photos, my friend!

  7. Enjoy your vacation! Was in the city yesterday and it was gorgeous! I am not a fan of the subway, I took cabs (horror) all day yesterday! I know they are quicker and such but I really so prefer a cab. Looking forward to your vacation photos!! Safe Travels!!

  8. I love people watching and evesdropping.

    Enjoy your trip to Santa Fe. My parents lived there when I was born. Dad took quotes from hospitals and so I was born in Espanola because it was cheaper than the Santa Fe hospital.

  9. A stalker you..? No way Daryl, just a very interested observer haha! I adore making up little scenarios to go with people that I might be 'observing'!!!

  10. Daryl, interesting story! He must be a serial perspirer!
    Oooo, Santa Fe! Just the name does it for me! I'm looking forward to some out west shots!

  11. You are a very keen observer and should maybe have gone into interpreting body language? I love this description...ALMOST like being there and I can see why you would do the same routine every day. Cool. I liked this :)

  12. Ah, you are a people watcher!
    I lived in Boston for several years, and spent many a Saturday in Harvard Square, sitting on the same bench, just watching (and photographing!) people. As you have, I have found that even in big cities where one can easily get lost, if that is their choice, there is still so much sameness on a day-to-day basis.
    Kinda neat I think.

  13. you have the well observed kernel of a New Yorker story here.

    As it is, it's a good post that gives 'tourists' and outlanders a real sense of the life of the City, and a slice-of-life worthy of Guy De Maupassant

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  14. great! Now I'm smelling the subway tunnel in June (secretly not unpleasant)

    OK, I'm done

  15. Yeah, great observations. So, he has Hyperhidrosis.. I am not making that up. Does he look Danish? They tend to have this condition more.
    Trivia abounds.
    you have a wonderful time in Santa Fe. Turquoise Capital!

  16. My vote? A little stalkerish. You are an astute observer of human nature, my New York friend.

  17. Oh, yes, I would go to Santa Fe with you! And I stalk, Belgrade there's a fellow I see a lot...very odd guy...I just haven't been able to snap his photo, even on the sly. When I get one, you'll see why it's hard. I just love, love your ramblings.

  18. I love your observations, which can only be obtained by an astute study (sometimes called stalking but I prefer "intense studying") of human nature.

  19. better to stalk than be stalked..

    and yes I do wish I could be you and off to
    Santa Fe ... the photo ops..sigh...
    I am very very envious !!

  20. A bit of a stalker.. a bit of a people watcher. A lot of a story teller.

  21. ooop...I lost my comment.

    First, I will be happy to go to Santa Fe with you too. I have always wanted to go there.
    Second, when I started this, I thought you were being stalked, not stalking. I guess that is better.

  22. This is exactly what I like to do when I visit the all the other people and wonder about their stories! How well you wrote about this sounds like the beginning of a short story or novel! Lucky you for getting to do it so often...and very lucky you for getting to travel to Santa Fe! Enjoy!

  23. Great story. When I lived in London (briefly) and rode the tube every morning, I got a hint of what you're talking about ... same place every morning with a mostly familiar group.

  24. I really enjoyed this! Stalker? Nah! People watcher! Story teller! Observer of the masses! You'll have to let us know if that poor woman alters her commute in any way...LOL


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