open windows and other inane stuff

I cant say 
I totally remember 
 the reminders of
 'cycles' and 'knuckles' 

I do think 
I know 
 I heard them

 its summer in the city 
all hot and gritty 
windows need to be opened 
 put in 
to keep 
the flying things
 the cats need to sit in the sun
be admired
occasionally catch a moth
 we have a tree right outside the living room windows
 which seems to be home
 to every 
Miller moth 
on the 
UWS of Manhattan 

 it gets too hot 
the AC gets installed
 there is 
 one window 
for the cats to share 
 its closed

I should get a gold in digressing

bear with me 
I am getting there

our friends 
who own the building 
recently sold their
 'weekend' home in Connecticut 
 filled with art
 both in the house and on the property
one of the outdoor pieces 

not such a great photo taken with Instagram because I keep forgetting to take a photo with the BIG camera

 now resides 
 a window
living room

there's a wrought iron fence
 (and gate) 
enclosing it 
should someone decide to try
to steal it
 they'd better have a crane


its presence has caused many to stop in their tracks and admire it 
muttering to themselves
 to their companions
did you see this?
how long has it been there?
hey, I never noticed that before

voices carry

hello, we're in here,
we can hear 
(and see) 
(we live on the ground floor)
it can be very comical

one evening two men stopped to wonder out loud
how it had got inside the fence
 they did notice the gate
I do believe 
this led them
 to discuss bicycles
maybe it was some other people
 as for the
 I am still working it out

can you believe the milage I am getting out of two words?

I noticed this vendor at yesterday's street fair

I am not sure
 if that's a comment 
on lack of interest
 at his/her wares 
just the way he/she holds 
the newspaper

I'll leave you to decide
thanks for coming along
it really is more fun with you!


  1. What a fun, silly post. You made me laugh. Love the finger pic.

  2. Love the new addition to the front "porch"! And that last pic is awesome:)

  3. I really like that statue. You must be on the ground floor level if you are hearing so many conversations about it.
    I find it interesting how the mind wanders and finds the little connections between words or thoughts. And you have put it all into sentences very nicely:-)

  4. you live inside an exhibit!
    how cool are you

    I hold things that way, I think it's because that is my most flexible finger ;)

  5. What a special piece, lucky you to have it right outside your window (and laughing at all the comments - an extra plus).

  6. Beautiful statue. I'm surprised people even notice it -makes me happy that they're looking around and taking things in, actually!

  7. That piece is definitely "stop in your tracks & take a look" worthy -- and take a photo. I love how you can hear the comments.

  8. Can you believe I have a statue almost exactly the same as yours Daryl, smaller but the same style, well i never!! So it's hot, humid and gritty in the city, thanks, in a way that makes me feel a little better with our cool, which is not really that cool. I have a friend who would go crazy if he saw someone treat a newspaper like that, but he is a little anal about creases in papers and books, so a happy medium would be best haha!

  9. Loved this when I saw it on Instagram, and love it here.
    It must be fun to listen to the conversations it generates! :-)

  10. How much fun it must be to listen in and watch people passing by...I have always been a people watcher and I know I would spend hours doing so if I lived in such a place! I absolutely love that statue and would definitely be one of the admirers as I passed by!

  11. Daryl, we have been graced with a sunny day. Such a treat! It won't be hot but that's okay too!
    I love your new statue with it's patina of green! I sure it looks wonderful from your window!
    I think Asian people need to get that close to the newspaper because the printing is always very small! I've seen that before!
    Hope you hectic Monday has settled down! I'm off to enjoy the sunshine!

  12. Curious as to how the statue arrived to it's destination? How far up are you?

    Really like the last shot and agree...this was a funny post!!

  13. What fun! Love the mileage you got out of two words, and also love the statue and the mini-commotion it's causing.
    Of course, I'm really curious now about the knuckles. Brass? Pig's? Arthritic? Scraped?
    Curiouser and curiouser.

  14. That's about the most angry grip I've ever seen on a newspaper. As for the digression, I applaud you.

  15. Love the moss on that most interesting piece of would be fun to listen to the conversations about it...even funnier if you had a few words to say about it each time someone starts to notice it:)
    Digression? Oh my, I see a about the knuckles?

  16. Was a crane required to place that neat stone sculpture below your window?? ;-) So it's "summer in the city," huh? Until the neighbors behind us (HUD house that changes occupants frequently)moved a week ago, the sound that came through our open bedroom windows was that of a rooster, who continued his morning crowing most of the day.

  17. that was a good post for today..
    so blah here and the post was good
    for several chuckles..
    the last photo especially.

  18. Sounds like until the chillolator starts you have live entertainment at your window. Fun!

  19. Am happy someone's summer has begun. Here in Seattle we're patiently waiting... Belgrade is super-hot, though, but I'm not there. Anyway, love as usual your ramblings and really like that statue. I recently splurged and ordered a (heavy) copy of Brancusi's The Kiss...adds six pounds to my luggage. Am going to carry it on...

  20. lovely little sculpture and of course, i do love me some tie dye. i'm getting the itch to make some more but i need to find the time!

  21. MUST you keep threading song lyrics into your posts? The bands are so loud inside my head i can't think ; )
    If a crane is required to get the statue out, how on earth did you place it???
    Bet that vendor kinda wonders why no one bought his tie dyes...


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