water tower

high atop
 one of 
 The High Line's 
neighboring buildings

  Toonman was there last week 
looking for a location
 for the next video he and Andrew are working on  

He commented
 that soon all there will be to see
 will be buildings 
 the area is being developed

 a good thing I said 
he didnt agree 
I tried to explain
 that part,
 a large part,
The High Line's charm, 
the surrounding buildings
 the architecture
so varied
 its as interesting 
as the plantings
 as the art exhibitions/installations

  Have you been? 
 What do you think?


deborah said...

I've only seen it through your photos, it is a charming area just as it is...as long as huge office buildings aren't planned I'm all for a little development...

Linda said...

Development isn't all bad, unless they destroy the rest of the environment in the process. I love looking at the different architecture, but when everything becomes glass and steel, there is no interest any longer.

Molly said...

I love your blog, it shows to many different sides to NY city.


Dianne said...

from your POV the tower looks like it's about to jump
as always I love the brick

my concern about new development is that all they build these days are cookie cutter crap with Trump's name on it

Suldog said...

The photo is wonderful, but the throwaway line is the one that grabbed me. Looking for a location? They're planning a location shoot? Cool!

NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

I still need to do the High Line. I am not a fan of high places but really do need to check it out. We have many of these in Pennsylvania. Great shot with the color contrast!! Have a good Wednesday!!

lisa. said...

So wonderful against that beautiful blue sky Daryl!

missing moments said...

Sorry toonman, I agree with your lovely wife. Part of the charm is its openness and the interesting architecture ...

caite said...

Have not been.
Nice sky, just a touch of clouds.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I see NY through your eyes Daryl, so you might have to show me the Highline area so I can appreciate how you feel about it.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

p.s. I haven't been into the Wolfe Lane Bar yet, it freaks me out a little the idea of someone judging my style before I can get it!!

Jeane said...

first I love this photo - the water tower appears too big for the roof in this shot - very cool - and the High Line is at the top of my list the next time in NY xo

Jessica Cassidy said...

what a shot...so love it :-) Dropping by from Wordless Wednesday

Simply Delicious said...

Great shot.

Choco Vanilla Mousse

Beth F said...

Love the perspective / angle on this shot. I love the High Line and like the architecture and old buildings. It's going to reach almost all the way to the Javits, I've heard

Country Girl said...

I've been there, and agree with you - that the area being developed is for the better. All of it is so interesting, from the plantings to the exhibits, and the varied architecture and interesting touches at eye level. So much better than when it was a line that a train would run on. So much!

cloudia charters said...

One place I'd like to visit!

Love the intricate brick, concentric water tower lines. . . thanks for my fix of STREET & CITY, dear Daryl

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } (°>

Helene said...

Never been (but then, I've never been to a lot of places!) but I absolutely love this photo! Outstanding angle and colors!

foolery said...

The angle of the shot makes the photo. The tower is taking a last breath before spilling all over the street.

Paxie said...

These colors are beautiful and toonman is wrong (sorry,pal)

One thing I loved about Germany is that it's like time stood still.

I love old!