what'll I do ...

Hipstamatic iPhone App, Watts Lens, Big Up Film, no flash

back to work
there is no alternative
Toonman and I 
 the move 
my company
 is going to make
 'a few years'
 I might want to retire 

I sat
a nano sec
 was no way 
I would ever 

 what would I do?

 More to the point 
Toonman said
you'd have to stop ...

not shopping
 not traveling
 I am 

deep discussions
this weekend
didnt walk
 I did errands 
 how could it not

even uneventful weekends are more fun with you along, thanks!


I forgot to mention I got lucky last week
I won

no, not the photo
a pound of what smells like heaven
Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
If you dont know
NYC, Style and a little Cannoli
go visit her
she's got lots to share!


  1. What's going on? Sounds like you've got something stressful hanging over your head. Everything okay?

  2. No shopping? No traveling? Well, that just can't happen! Maybe your company will decide against a move! Selfish here, love to 'go along' with you on your adventures!

  3. You don't want to retire?????? I love it!

  4. When forced on you, retiring can be a boor, but... once you access the situation (read finances) and hit your stride, it can be exhilirating. Don't sweat it until it happens.

  5. Retire?... no, just a new chapter! You have "a few years" to chart it out.

  6. I would like to retire now. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to retire at all. Besides, I get bored too easy.

  7. I am retired and I am never bored! :-)

  8. I retired in 2002 when the company I was with decided to out-source the entire department that I worked in. One by one over a year's period of time they let us all go. I simply never went back to work, but I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who allowed me to stay home... Money is I think the biggest factor for people who continue to work. Not everyone has the luxury to be able to stay home. Yes, I am incredibly lucky.

  9. Retire???? Never! I just consider it the 2nd Act. So much to do, so little time!

  10. My dad retired when he was 7 years younger than I am now. I just don't see it for a number of reasons. Even though things are very stressful right now because of the activity level in the energy biz and the hundreds of millions of dollars we are spending, I love my job. In this biz the way guys my age retire is when the company lays you off and you can't find a job elsewhere. (Not being cynical at all.)

  11. Retirement without all the shopping and traveling really doesn't sound like fun, does it? Congrats on the win - I don't even like coffee but that sounds pretty yummy!

  12. Hope you're ok Daryl, it's a bit stressful the whole retiring bizzo, should you, shouldn't you, but things fall into place. Is Toonman retired? Now that does taking some getting used too, being together 24/7, well it never happens with P and I , we have quite a few separate interests.

  13. Daryl, we had an uneventful one too! And that's okay too! Looks like it's going to rain for most of the week! Everything sure is green, but Oh the rain!
    Since we retired, we don't seem to have enough time to do everything we want to! Don't know where I found the time to go the work!
    Hope you have a great week.

  14. I left work for personal reasons almost three years ago now and although I thought I would return to work I never have:) I am completely loving my retirement but I am really nervous about having my husband retire and being home all the time:)

  15. I so miss working
    I miss disposable income, even if it was just a bit
    I miss community
    and a sense of accomplishment

    are they moving to 1 World Trade? or are you just celebrating the construction?
    I don't know that I'd ever visit that building

    anyhoo - I love you

  16. My husband also says he won't retire, but I was forced into it early, because of my health. It's survivable, but I don't recommend doing it too young.

  17. No - you are not ready to retire yet. I can't imagine that. And hey, congratulations on your win!

  18. The last time you mentioned winning something, I won a bread machine which I use all the time! you're lucky for me like that. Keep moving, keep loving, keep doing it all as long as it is
    pleasant, as long as you wish. That's my wish for you & Toon Man and myself ('give a gift you'd like to receive")

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  19. My job supports all of my little addictions (photography, clothing, etc.).
    Guess I'm not leaving anytime soon either, but it sure is VERY tempting from time to time.
    Congratulations on the coffee win. It sounds yummy!

  20. The 'R' word has reared it's ugly head....I've been throwing that one around lately myself. One moment I can't wait to get there and the next I'm thinking about how much I really like my job and what it's given me and will continue to give me if I continue working. I've been told when the right time comes, I'll know it. I sure hope so. I hate these major decisions. I will be holding on for the final decision but, in the meantime, a cup of that wonderful coffee sounds like a good solution! Congrats on that win!

  21. AS long as you enjoy what you're doing or what it gives you, don't retire if you don't want to. Do it as long as you enjoy it and when it becomes a burden then you know you can say F this! And have something to fall back on.

    I so envy you. I say F this! multiple times a day and I'll probably work until I'm 101 or dead, whichever comes first.

  22. I suppose you can formulate a plan but I also suppose the big They In The Sky (Corporate Headquarters? The Almighty? Not sure) will formulate their own plan which has nothing to do with yours. Not being cynical or difficult, but I'm learning that there is something valuable about sometimes being a leaf and not fighting the wind. My decisions shift regularly. I wish you a peaceful adjustment to whatever life brings next, my friend!


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