water towers

I really 
 to clone out
 that nasty looking lamp post 
 I am a novice at cloning 
I gave up 

Google+ has taken over Picnik
they didnt keep the
 'premium' effects
 cloning being one
I went to PicMonkey 
 used their
'for now its free'
 clone feature
 which would have worked

 so live with it in the photo
 pretend with me
 its not there
 you know 
til recently 
I thought
 the expression
'suspend your 

digression is my friend

 back on track 
you can see
 a trifecta of towers
 of tanks

 another thing 
I learned 
most people
 call then 

not me
 I like the term 
water tower

these 3 
while looking a lot alike 
are all different 

enjoy looking up!


faye said...

sometimes I say tower.. other times
I say tank.. its all the same really.

Corel PaintShop has a nice little
object removal wand that you would
adapt to in a nanosecond.

caite said...

I like the light..sort of.
but I must admit, I am an expert at the clone and PicMonkey's..'free for now'...is just the same as Picnik's. Practice makes perfect. or good enough.
Love the different colors and textures in the various buildings.

Cloudia said...

I enjoy digressing with you. Tower- definitely!

la la loving it

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } (°>


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I must practice cloning....one day soon. It's almost bedtime so I can just squint and the lamp post goes away:-)

deborah said...

it's past my bedtime, so what light post?! Wonder who has the courage to do the maintenance on the myriad of water towers in your city? Always curious:)
I'm still working on the hipstamatic app...haven't even used my regular camera for a while now..will have to check on the PicMonkey...
Have a wonderful day!

Bibi said...

I clone, but sometimes not well. I've ignored your lamp post and am enjoying the towers.

Akelamalu said...

What lamp-post? ;)

Linda said...

The trick I use in cloning is to enlarge the area you want to work in - that makes it SO much easier! I use Photoscape - which is also free. I just pretended the light pole wasn't there and enjoyed the photo!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

You could also call them cisterns. I like the way cisterns rolls of the tongue. But then most cisterns are underground so never mind... LOL

Beth F said...

I like the term water tower too. Light pole? what light pole? ;-)

Deltaville Jamie said...

There's a light pole in the photo?

missing moments said...

Holy camoly ... I forgot about PicMonkey ... better than Picnik ... oh, how I wish more time in the day to play around with all these apps!

GailO said...

That light pole doesn't bother me at all...it adds the business of a city scape. I don't do much cloning because it is such tedious work and this one looks like it would be difficult because the background is so busy.

Will have to ask my NYer Mr O if he calls em towers or tanks:)

Robin said...

Daryl, there certainly is a great variety of towers. I like towers better than tanks too!

Evelyn S. said...

I like it, of course! I now have an image that has at least 8 (maybe 9) towers in it! I'm sure I took it when we were in Union Square.

Paxie said...

Tower. Period. I wouldn't have noticed the light because I am now forever looking up :)

Great shot, of course

Helene said...

Hmmmmm, towers...and only because, to me, a tank would sit on the ground. Cool photo!

Self Sagacity said...

Nice take on the location.

Country Girl said...

I like saying water towers, too. It just seemed right. And being me, I didn't even notice the street lamp until you mentioned it. It would be difficult cloning it out (for me, anyway).

Hilary said...

Tower for sure and I didn't focus on the light before you mentioned it. The best cloning tool is to just not draw attention to it. ;) I could wipe it out for you if you want but then the air conditioner would be the new eyesore. ;)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I was too busy looking at the 'wild' greenery seemingly growing out of the building BEHIND the lamp post to notice it Daryl haha. Nice set of three towers!!

lisa said...

I honestly did not notice it!
I was looking at the towers and that beautiful blue sky!