water tower wednesday

 in focus
a touch of a Picnik's

 (dry your eyes, 
its not going away
 you will still be able to use it
you keep photos online 

texture effect
West 80th Street 
that red building
 on the left
 on the corner 
80th and Amsterdam


  1. I only used PicNik once or twice ..
    but PicMonkey is a nice replacement...
    also FREE ..

  2. I am crying! I have been using it since 2008, because I heard about it from YOU!
    I do love your tower photo with the texture =)

  3. Gorgeous!
    Back from the warm southwest coast.

  4. Like what you've done here, and yes, Picknik effects are part of the new version of Picasa! Download or update today for free (my fave price)

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  5. (Good news about Picnik!) I like the texture on this. Always happy to see an NYC water tower.

  6. What a great way to dress up a slightly out of focus photo! Great treatment!

  7. I am shedding a tear or two...yes, some of the features will be on Picasa and Google+ and yes, there are other places, like iPiccy and more. But still, I had my routine down, all my fav steps...oh well...

    cool effect though.

  8. That picture really came out great!

    My WW is here

  9. very cool texture effect; looks like the photo pixels

  10. This is great Daryl!
    Love the processing here.

  11. Always love NYC water towers! And do like the effect, here, too! Hope all is well!

  12. Love the fiery background and canvass look. Think about switching to PicMonkey. There are permissions and rights issues with Google+ that bother me a lot. I'm not on it.

  13. I don't know anything about Picnik other than the sort you pack a basket and blanket for, but that photo is excellent.

  14. the texture is wonderful
    I love how the trees look with the sun behind them

  15. Just found picnik about a year ago and asked for the premium upgrades for a Christmas gift. hahahaha Only to find that they're closing! Did not know about the effects being available through Picasa! Thanks!

  16. I use Picasa and noticed they've added new things :) I really like this effect!

    Ventured out yesterday and hit the mother lode :) Went in some "seedy" neighborhoods but only got scared twice! Wasn't panic...there was reason to be nervous LOL

    I need to blog ♥

  17. http://paxiepanicker.blogspot.com/

    Just for YOU!! And it's not a water tower MMS!

  18. I'm so happy they still have some of the effects on Picasa, I only just discovered it a couple of months ago, then they put up the announcement that it was over and I thought oh man! but it's actually better this way don't you think, no waiting for it to download onto picnik, just straight onto the image. I like what you've done with your three water towers, looks a bit like a tapestry!

  19. Although I rarely use Picnik it is nice to know it isn't going away:) Love the watertower series!


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