waiting patiently

handsome guy 
 braving the cold winds
dining outdoors
 on a 
Sunday morning 
two weekends ago 

I loved him 
he was so funny 
he wanted to be photographed 
 he was so excited 
he couldnt sit still 
stopped to admire him
his smartphone 
along with his hand
he settled down 
I was able to get this sweet shot.  

Happy Passover!


deborah said...

Priceless expression! Labs are just all-round great dogs...this one come with personality plus:)
Happy Passover!

Beth F said...

Awww what a sweetie. Happy Passover to you too.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such an adorable face! Clearly he loves some company! And love the ripples in his coat too! And a very Happy Passover to you too!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

He is beautiful with all his folds of skin and soft eyes. Happy Passover to you, Daryl.

Dianne said...

he looks like a big sweet mush
Happy Passover

Bibi said...

Oh, puppykins....

Happy Passover to you. Thanks for your Easter wishes...I only 'do' Serbian Orthodox Easter, which is the 15th this year. I do two Christmases....enough!

ladyfi said...

What a sweet face!

Jill of All Trades said...

What a sweet looking guy. Reminds me of our granddog...it's the eyes. By the way, did you see we're going to have a grand"baby" in Sept!

judi/Gmj said...

the only men that catch my eye are gray around the muzzle.

steviewren said...

Happy Passover to you!

Helene said...

You know he's saying 'I'm ready for my closeup.' Great photo! Happy Passover!

Diane said...

Oh, I just love it! He really is handsome isn't he? His eyes remind me of my granddog's...so trusting and loving...
Happy Passover to you & your dear husband Daryl...xo

GailO said...

Happy Passover to you! This is the time of year that I really miss my mother in law:( I will be making brisket in her honor:)

Country Girl said...

That last one is the money shot. Wow! Great job, Daryl ~

lisa said...

What a precious face!
Happy Passover Daryl!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Haha! what an adorable slobber chops!! That face and expression are worth millions!

MyMaracas said...

Dogs always seem so happy, don't they?

Hilary said...

Beautiful golden boy. Hope you're having a fine Passover.

Paxie said...

He looks so darn cuddly :)

Paxie said...

He looks so darn cuddly :)