toonsday - ahhhhhhh....


  1. Well Herman Cain was on The Daily Show yesterday. There is still some comedy out there....

  2. The circus may have left town, but the freak show is ongoing-

  3. For my money, it's much less fun these days. Romney is, by far, the most boring of that field, and I would have liked to see the debates continue ad infinitum, if only for the entertainment value.

  4. Everyone is down in my neck of the woods...Obama, Newt, and of course the John Edwards trial. Gah.

    Some days I'm thankful for my little agoraphobia LOL

  5. Newt says he has a big announcement for tonight
    Maybe he's getting married again

  6. I'm probably your only Republican 'friend' signing in ... but I agree, glad for the quiet!

  7. Indeed, and nicely so!
    Thank you for the Tuesday smiles!

  8. No one seems to think RI is worth spending money on political ads anyways...and we are very happy for that!

  9. nattering nabobs of negativity!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

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