toonsday - no, not the animated one ...


  1. You can bug me anytime TM !

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  2. Yes...and to my surprise they were all over my windshield already yesterday.

  3. Just saw a mosquito, the worst kind of bug!

  4. Swarms are everywhere! And because of the mild weather,
    the bug season has every sign of being spectacular this
    spring. POOH!

  5. HaHa!! My husband and I were just saying the same thing during our walk on Sunday...nice and warm...and buggy!

    visiting via the Country Girl Kate:)

  6. HA! Noticed that the other day. The midges were flying about quite gaily. And where midges are, can dragonflies be far behind?

  7. The only thing worse than bugs is ants and I expect them to attack any day now.

  8. I just noticed the cute little cowlick in your hair :)

    Hate bugs.

  9. Bugs serve a purpose in the food chain, I just don't know what it is....

  10. They are indeed!!
    Lots, and lots of bees all of a sudden.
    That's okay though.
    If it means warmer weather, I am all for it!!!

  11. Bugs. Don't mention bugs. We actually had an exterminator come to get rid of the ants that infested our house. I'm sure they thought "Yay, early spring, let's go into the house until it warms up outside."
    Bugs are definitely the downside of spring, no doubt about it.

  12. My husband was talking about that very thing today. He's actually worried that because of the mild winter, it didn't kill off enough of them.

  13. Today there was a gnat in the room with me during my radiation treatment. No lie. After that dose, it'll prolly be a pterodactyl by tomorrow.

  14. No cold weather so there will be an abundance of bugs and pollen to wraps our heads around...oh joy! Found a dead stink bug in the attic several weeks ago. I'm so hoping it was the one-and-only and there are none hybernating. Yikes!

  15. Exactly! Hubby found an ant on the bed last night!

  16. Yeah, there is that. Every silver lining has a cloud.


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