the week that was

its Friday

its the start of the weekend 
even tho 
I work a full day on Fridays in the 
occasionally I get to leave early 
hoping this is one 
those early escape 

What's new?
well I have seen a lot of 'new' TV
hate The River 
love SMASH
Alcatraz is growing on me 

Walking Dead returned 
Breaking Bad 
(I am still 2 seasons behind) 
returns soon 
I need to get my streaming on 

I am still loving 
George RR Martin's brillliant epic 
reading slowly through 
Dance of Dragons 

aside from
the week has had its excitement
there was Valentine's Day

made me
a heart themed Toon
bought me a card
one card more
he bought for my birthday
the week before
thats okay
he baked me a birthday cake

 there's the NY Times delivery debacle
its on going
a new delivery person takes over the route
chaos commences:
missed papers
papers left on the street
inside the vestibule
someone else's papers
one morning
we got 223 West's
we live at 323 West
another morning brought us
our across the street neighbor's

I think
a requirement for this job should be the ability to

Oh yeah
my good deed
being a mean girl
I make the extra effort to do a good deed
my boss found a Blackberry in a cab
could I try and locate the owner
I love solving puzzles

tried to access the Blackberry for email address, name or a contact #
it was locked
I did find the # of the Blackberry
called it
 in case the owner checked voicemail
I left a message

I called the Taxi & Commission
filed a report on a found phone

 I called Sprint
asked if they could contact the owner
they couldnt

the phone

it was the owner's office!
I explained the situation

a few hours later
the owner
 in NYC from Charlotte
on business called
I got his NY office address
 messengered it to him
Good deed accomplished
 should I ever lose my mobile I sure hope someone will try to return it

thank you
for the
ever so appreciated
birthday surprise

that's about it
not exactly a ya-ha week
there's a long weekend coming
stay tuned!


  1. You do make me smile...
    your good deed should get rewarded..
    sooner rather than later....
    whoever said you were a mean girl just didn't
    take the time to see the real D..

    Maybe next year I can send some beignets to go
    with the cafe du monde cup.

  2. Well done on the phone return Daryl.
    Glad this years Valentine's Day was much better than last years!
    And a Happy Birthday too!
    Glad your friends could come help you celebrate.

  3. Ah, I have a heart on my blog today, too, for a very special reason. Have a great week-end!

  4. It sounds like it was a fabulous week! Especially when compared to mine, which was filled with vomit and diarrhea! Hoping the long weekend is a fab one for you!

  5. What a good deed and great story about the phone. I can't believe Spring refused to help in any way. Wait. Yes I can.

  6. Sprint not Spring. I'm obsessing over spring I guess.

  7. Well done on returning the phone to it's owner.

  8. A deed well done!. Unbeknownst to me, I dropped my phone outside a mid-town hotel last summer in the evening. Didn't know it til I got back to my room. Called my phone and a woman answered explaining to me she had found it and had just left a message on our 'home' phone number. It was a mother/daughter from Germany! Went down and met them ... they were so nice! And wouldn't even take a reward!

  9. Friday...yippee! Home from work having some new windows installed (which will take 2 days) so I feel like I'm being held captive. But it's still a day off AND that makes it a 4-day weekend...Double yippee! Congrats on your good deed...hmmmm, every once in a while it feels good to do something good...LOL! Have a great weekend!

  10. You...a mean girl, no way Hose, I cannot even imagine that Daryl

  11. You did a good thing with the phone.
    Happy Friday!!

  12. I do the same thing with keys that I found out on the street. I usually put up a little sign where I found them with my phone number and more often than not, someone calls and describes them.

  13. Bless your heart (find the owner of the phone)!
    It's good to know that some still do all they can to help others.
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend!

  14. Good job on the phone return. It shouldn't have to be that hard, should it? I find phones all the time at school. Usually they're not locked and I can go in, look up "mom" or "home" and then look up the number on my current roster to find the name of the owner and voila - never fails.

    ps - that was me who deleted above.


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