waiting patiently - eastside

older pup
 was smart 
he was sitting on a bench 
outside a bistro
Sant Ambroeus
on Madison Avenue in the East 70s
just a block or so away 
exhale spa 
where I was headed 
one wet 
Saturday morning 
not so long ago


  1. he/she looks so put out to have been left outside! Pretty dog!

  2. pretty but i would be scared to get too close as my godmother had ne of these when i was a kid and it bit me... GAH...

  3. Oh, what a sweet, patient face. Someone trusts this dog a lot.

  4. Aw, poor old thing. He should not have been left out in the rain. :-(

  5. Awww poor old fella left out there in the rain, if the owners are in there drinking coffee, I'm so not happy about it!! Haha! as if they care hey!! I like what you've done with these shots Daryl.

  6. he looks a bit sad.... those eyes tell quite a story.

  7. Daryl, a pretty one for sure. I think it's the owners that should be tied up outside while the dog goes in for a treat!
    There is now a bylaw in Vancouver prohibiting owners from doing that!

  8. now that's someone I'd love to share a bench with
    what a sweetie
    and such lovely colors

  9. You know he wants 'inside.' I so hope the owner came back with something special. Great catch!

  10. oh, what a sweet face...I might just sneak up and steal him..lol

  11. That poor baby looks like he want to be on the inside on that dreary day. Hope he got his wish.

  12. I'm pretty sure that that dog wanted to GO with his owner! He doesn't look to happy! I'm still so surprised that people just leave them tied up. I would be so afraid of someone stealing them!!

  13. OH what a sweet pup. You find them all over don't you!
    Bon weekend

  14. I used to think that there were a lot of soulful animals in NYC, but I realize now that YOU see & show their souls, Daryl!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >


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