toonsday - bye bye mac ...


  1. But Toon Man, I thought MACs just run perfect forever - that's what all the Apple-colytes tell me. . . .

    Seriously though, hope you get it back quick
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  2. No kidding. I just had an ENTIRE day without Internet and I was freaking out....

  3. If my computer had a 'funny five minutes', I'd put my feet up, read a book, watch a French movie, drink tea and eat chocolate and crisps (together) and feel no pain!! Enjoy the break Toonman.

  4. You have my deepest sympathies. May your Mac return soon.

  5. Uh oh!!
    Sounds serious. :-(
    Sure hope it come back soon!

  6. Ohhhh noooooo... say it ain't so! Could not live without mine and would probably have to take mild medications if he ever had to leave me for any reason.

  7. Gosh, I took my Mac in and they gave him right back...oh wait a sec, you 're talking about a computer....never mind...

  8. Sounds like a 911 for sure. I can't imagine. Go for a long walk?
    (for Daryl's sake?) LOL

  9. I was tearing my hair out a couple of weeks ago because my laptop kept shutting down. I got a new one! :)

  10. OMG .. total doom and gloom!!!!! I'm not sure I would survive!

  11. Ah, maybe someday soon I'll know the feeling. After our anniversary trip, I expect we'll be breaking down, entering the 21st century, and hooking up to the outside world at home. As of now, still no internet connection at home and I'm not missing it :-)

  12. They should give out loaners like they do at the car place.

  13. Get thee to the iPad store!
    (Deepest sympathies, Ray...)

  14. Oh no! I can sympathize. I'm currently computer shopping.

  15. Aww like a member of the family leaving for a while.


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