monday monologue - fuzzy brain

fuzzy brain this morning 
Oscar after effect 
staying up past 10 pm 
I am getting old 
didnt wager any bets 
am not surprised 
although I am disappointed 
there were no major WTF moments 
aside from 
Ms Lopez's 
maybe not
 'costume' malfunction 
I say the vee was a wee bit too deep 

did you catch Angelina's slit to the hip strut?  

this fashionista's take on best and worst dressed 
Viola Davis 
wore some fabulous gowns 
to the other award shows
her green Vera Wang was pretty atop 
seemed to be ripped and tattered 
on the bottom 
I know this is a style 
its just not a style 
I find 
red carpet
 if there is such a thing  

I thought that 
Melissa McCarthy might have lunch with Octavia Spencer 
to get her stylist's name 
Octavia looked amazing

Melissa looked

 .. well ... 
not so amazing  

Enough of this fashionista stuff 

how about the weather in NYC this weekend?  

Talk about being 
blown away
I walked down to 
Columbus Circle 

to meet 
my handsome hunky Larry

his better half Kevin

lunch at Robert
in the Museum of Art & Design 
truly one of the best lunch 
dinner restaurants 
with a view you cannot 

Kevin takes many snaps of the UWS

Columbus poses as if he's on the red carpet

that competes with the view 
service that is superb 
I ordered a salad when it arrived it was 70% frissee 
I detest frissee 
detest it 
I told the waiter how much I hated it 
asked to replace it 
I apologized 
he refused my apology 
bringing me a different salad 

it was a leisurely lunch 
lots of catching up with the guys 
lots of photo taking 
lots of tech talk 
we made a new friend 
a charming woman sitting just next to us 
'was this the grey haired seating area?' 
I told her if so 
we were in the wrong place as we 
(Larry, Kev and I)
all have 
SILVER hair 
as did she.  

taken by our new friend A

taken by the Maitre d'

New Yorkers are not shy  

It was a fun lunch 
after the guys headed downtown 
I walked uptown 
it was a bracing walk with the wind blowing 

when I got home 
a package from Los Angeles was waiting
under the rugged outer wrap 

a belated (due to the USPS) birthday gift

this exquisite antique 
(a little older than I am )
hand painted 
cup and saucer 
thank you 
my dear F 
I adore it 

I did my weekly beautification at 
after that a quick trip to Zabars 
then home to hang with Toonman
 the cats 
some catch up on 
which we record off HBO 
if you've not seen it give it a shot
 its some of the best writing 

I hope you had fun tagging along
let me know 
what you thought 
 the Oscars
the fashion

of these pictures 
were taken 
with my iPhone 
some using the Hipstamatic app 
none are signed


  1. I also thought Octavia Spencer was beautifully much better than some of the 'what were they thinking?' gowns that were worn. Angelina wore a gorgeous gown but her leg seemed to be competing for attention -
    Overall, the fashions and the hair styles were fairly predictable even boring...imho
    It was blustery and chilly here over the weekend, too, but even with the winds, you had a very nice weekend and a beautiful surprise for your birthday!

  2. WOW, so much umph packed into one post. I'm breathless...
    love the teacup and saucer!

  3. GREAT job with the view of Columbus Circle- you are so working that app girl!
    & I love your response to the woman's question at Roberts-too funny. This is why I love NY.
    what was up with Angelina's leg? I'd love to know if she was joking around. She made a real point of posing when she was presenting too. She kind of laughed when she did it, so I really wonder. I would love to think that she was being a goofball but I just couldn't tell.
    I worry for her though, her arms look way too skinny.

  4. Daryl, you are sooo cute! Seriously, you are beautiful! Thanks for posting so many pictures!!

  5. I REALLY enjoyed tagging along on this weekends happenings Daryl, I've actually just finished watching the Oscars here in Perth, delayed telecast etc. had to spend all day avoiding hearing the winners haha! I have got to get to see The Artist, it must be good, all those awards!! As for Angelina, what the heck's that all about!! Looooove looking at the fashions, some fab and not so fab dresses this year. How is it possible for George Clooney to get more gorgeous the older he gets and he seems such a 'normal' guy too. Your lunch companions look such fun and what a spectacular view from that restaurant, the iPhone is working a treat. You certainly know how to pack a lot into one weekend, have a great week and catch up soon.

  6. This was more than even I can handle. Melissa looked frumpy and the lady with the Victorian dress and red hair...they showed too many times. She tossed her hair back a lot. I told David, I can do that too and proceeded to about break my neck.

    I wasn't surprised at anything. I need to look up the word describing your salad. Love that you had such a terrific weekend with friends and received such a gorgeous gift from F!

    Also like the edges of these photos. Again. Watched a Wall Street movie and at the end? Yep. There they were. Those babies. And the ESB :) Movie was good too. Michael Douglas & Josh Brolin.


  7. And I don't like Angelina's hair that color.

  8. I am not a fan of Ms Jolie. I wonder what she will do for attention when the wrinkles start appearing and the legs get a little flabby? There are so many other stars whom I admire more. Like Glenn Close and M. Strep and Judy Dent , and the beautiful late Audrey Hepburn and on and on. Despite all the folks who knock the Awards telecast and they seem to be legion, I always enjoy them. I spent my childhood going to movies (and still do) and much prefer the big screen to the wimpy electronic tools.

    Your post today is varied and very interesting. I'll be back for more.

  9. Oh you do know how to have a good time Daryl! I didn't see the Oscars but did see a few of the dresses on a chat show here this morning. I thought JLo's dress was devine. Angelina not so. I do wish Victoria Beckham wouldn't pout so much she really gets on my nerves, David looked as dishy as ever.

  10. As always, love the NYC photos! Was inside all day Sunday doing tax returns but did not miss anything because of the unbelievable wind...Yikes! The Oscars - got to watch most of it. And as far as Angie is first I thought she was goofing but I understand the recipient of the award she presented (a screen writer for The Actor) mimicked her and she took offense. To Angie: Girl keep those gams under wraps until you put a little meat on those bones. That white leg sticking out from all that black fabric was just too scarey! LOL

  11. Daryl, we didn't partake of the Oscars this year. My daughter said her four year old commented that Angilina's dress wasn't a good one because you could see her leg! I guess four year olds are wise for their age!
    Sounds like you had another great weekend. Love the Columbus circle shots!

  12. Hi Daryl,
    Lovely post. I like frisee but don't know if I'd like it to be 70% of my salad either!
    Have a great week! :)

  13. A very fun and funky post...what a great time you must have had! Great photos, too. The iPhone does a nice job!

  14. Gee, and I just thought I had a good weekend! Yours always sound so fabulous!

  15. i was kind of bored last night watching the oscars...was it just me, or was it truly ho hum ?

    angelina i've decided is a freak....too thin and what was the whole up on stage performance with her leg and that slit ?

    and poor melissa.....she needs a stylist for these functions....she really does.

    happy monday to you !!

  16. Lots of juicy stuff here today D! The red carpet was fun & so out there (as always) to watch...and, the show itself with Billy was even more fun to watch!
    Looks like you had a great time eating, taking pictures and visiting with some dear friends! How very, very nice....=)

  17. For a fuzzy brain, you sure do put together a decent post. Loved the photos from atop Columbus Circle. Love that restaurant. Looking forward to another visit during daylight.

  18. And oh, the Oscars! Weird moments included the leg shift by Angelina and the in your face boobs of Jennifer Lopez. Couldn't stay awake past 10:30 so I missed so much.

  19. What a busy weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun though. I missed all the malfunctions and slits and stuff although I did see Octavia win and thought she looked beautiful (and genuinely surprised).

    Love that restaurant Robert, its food and its view. But most of all the company.

  20. Whew ... what a whirlwind weekend! You have the best! Watched the whole show while blogging on the side. Ha! Angelina ... too weird! George as handsome as ever and who was that young thing he was with? And then there is Christopher Plummer ... so handsome!

  21. Gosh we agree on last night's fashion!
    Not surprised though. . . enjoyed your weekend vicariously. thanks DAR

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  22. Love the photos from the restaurant.. looks like you had a fine day. Lucky you, getting together with good friends.

  23. I was at work, so I missed the red carpet .. had to catch the video clips
    much later... I adore Melissa McCarthy, but that outfit was uh... I dunno..
    loved the story about her shoes..

    so another whirlwind weekend for you..sounds like more fun !!

  24. Another awesome day. Oh I love that view from the restaurant. My hair is pretty white in spots, but you wouldn't know it ... I keep it at its youthful coppery color. And Luck is a great show. We've been watching it too.

  25. A very nice day...
    Best regards from Paris,



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