monday monologue - big blue

I admit I was tired
I admit it
I was bored

When I woke this morning at the butt crack of pre-dawn
4:30 ayem
My first thoughts
my second thought was 
did they win?

They did

I knew before the sound even came on 
the Eyewitness News crew was all in

A side note here
 the Giants in white jerseys w/red trim 
sort of 
made the lighting of the 
Empire State Building

 stolen from here

a tribute to the Pats who were in blue
color me confused 
no explanation necessary 

Stepping out of the subway

The rest of my weekend 
was pretty much 
the same old, same old 
Zabars for noshing
both days 
I headed home vs wandering with my camera
I was tired

I've been waking around 4ish 
every morning 
2 weeks 
getting out of bed around 5

Excuses for not having any real photos to share
Are they working?


  1. Why so early, dear? Rising that early will make one tired, hope you rested well this weekend...
    Giants indeed! I was so excited, I can only imagine how excited Toon Man was-

  2. Yep, it's working ...these are great. I'm having the same problem ... afraid I'm boring people with bird pics ... so went photo archive diving this weekend and will post one of my favorite vacay spots on Tuesday.
    Ps. The Professor wanted me watch the game with him. Ugh! At least I could be on my laptop at the same time.

  3. I have no complaints. I even thank God when I wake up.

  4. Oh, it's working. I'm having BBB (Bored/Boring Blogger's Block) big time. It's been days and days and all I can come up with is something yet again boring. Like Reena, I sifted through photos of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens taken a few years back for some exciting color. Hopefully, there will be a post tonight...unless I get bored or tired. LOL

  5. This one, I watched. A true nail-biter (there are bits of Mr. L-S's fingers in the couch, I swear). But...4 am? Really? Ouch!

  6. Thee's nothing worse than not being able to sleep, 4am is a touch early, makes for a very long day hey Daryl. Don't stress Daryl, as they say here in Oz 'she'll be right mate' haha!

  7. What you got, that 4am thing? It's not catching is it?

  8. I saw bits and pieces of the game
    No one to root for but I was happy for Toon Man and I do like Victor Cruz

    I hate when sleep cycles get funky
    hope you get some better rest soon

  9. Daryl, know how you feel! Not a football fan either. But it was great. It was my Granddaughters 9th birthday, so we went out for supper. The restaurant was empty except for one other couple. Granted it was early, but still. We had a wonderful meal and watched the sun set over the ocean!

  10. It was the best game EVER! Hope you get some sleep is no good to be tired on your Birthday Week!!!

  11. Zabars!! (sniff)


    You're so darn lucky to have it within walking distance. No explanation necessary re walking home vs. wandering with camera. I can totally relate although mine isn't so much lack of sleep/waking up early as it is The Blahs. Hope you're able to get some rest soon.

  12. No excuses needed... I know the feeling.

  13. Gotta be the weather or something Daryl.
    For me, it is just about 4:15 am, every morning for the past several weeks no matter how late I go to bed.
    Granted, I can get a lot done, but enough already!!!

  14. That ultra-early time is magical...
    why so early, Sis?

    Warm Aloha from Hawaii
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  15. Yes, the excuses are working. But we need to figure out why you can't sleep. I hope it's not because your birthday is this week. That should be a happy thing.

  16. I've been sleeping like a baby.... But hey, your troubles will pass. A big fat Happy Birthday to you. Eat turkey and a lot of chocolate cake...they make me sleepy.

  17. Yes it's working. I've been sleeping like a bear...too much, or either I'm up at 2:30 a.m. Blue. I told my son the Giants should have different helmets. There is no blue in their uniform. I was confused at times during the game. The Pats should have had on the Giants helmets. Gah.

    Hope you get some really good sleep soon!! And Happy Birthday again :)


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