three on thursday - hoops

It pays to look up
these hoops are on a tree branch 

Actually they are on a tree
in the middle of the
Broadway Mall
West 75th Street
I had to stand
 in the street 
the light for uptown traffic 
was red
to get this close up

  Are they hula hoops 
that have been painted 
hoses taped/painted?

thank you, Hilary!


  1. They look like wood.. or hand shaped polymer of some kind. Beautiful catch and the hoops are wonderful also.

  2. The things we do for a SHOT ....
    like standing in traffic.. I would have
    loved to have gotten that shot.. the one of you
    stopping traffic..

  3. Cool hoops! Don't know what they are formed of...but very cool!
    The wonderful artsy things you see in your city!

  4. (I too like your new banner.) I think these are hoops someone made and shimmied up to place in the tree. I can't imagine how someone would have thrown hula hoops over those branches. But they're eye-catching for sure. Better than tennis shoes on power lines. ;)

  5. They do appear to have the texture of wood but no matter what they are these are great shots. You sure don't see this every day...

  6. Love your new header. It really does pay to look up. I'm with CBW -- doesn't matter what they're made of, you got some great shots.

  7. Love the new banner ... and not sure what they are made of but very interesting! Great shots! Glad no one ran you down!

  8. Very nice photos. They look like wood but are probably some kind of resin or they wouldn't hold the paint so well.

  9. Fascinating, in any case. I wonder if somebody put them around the tree's branches when it was smaller and they've just stayed there as it has grown?

  10. How cool this is, and what a colorful addition!
    I am guessing some sort of tree/vine (?)

  11. I love it! They look too rough to be hula hoops or hoses. Hmm...

  12. Hi there! It's been a while.
    I'm not sure if they are hoses or hula-hoops, but I do know the photos of them are great! Some sort of folk-art...

  13. They do look like wood, but it could be the texture that's applied. Fascinating! Much more creative than the pairs of shoes thrown over the lines in Williamsburg (I have an image of them.....looking very nice at sunset).

  14. like the new header.. and yes, they appear to be painted wonder who and why they were put there.

  15. So intriguing Daryl, even when you pull it in real close it's hard to pinpoint exactly what they are made of, an unsolved mystery. Well done for spotting them though and I agree, your new header image is spectacularly New York City. Have a great weekend, looking forward to sharing it in your posts.

  16. I saw these somewhere on the net today but don't remember. I think they are very cool. BTW, I'm running a ghost sign tomorrow and giving you a nod! :)

  17. They're too misshapen to be real hoops or even hoses. I think they're actual plant parts.. vines perhaps. They're very cool .. I wonder how long it's been there. Great catch.

  18. Hmmm, hard to know from what they are formed, but clearly they were placed there by an artist with a whimsical vision!

  19. Looks to me like a grape vine of some type. Congrats on you POTW

  20. very interesting! and colorful! congrats on your POTW!

  21. Really like this find, I may have to put a few together.


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