flea market finds - spices and tease

Spices and Tease 
only sold at GreenMarkets 
around the city 
setting up their tables 
laden with all sorts 
fragrant spices 

there was talk of a website 
there was talk of a real store 
there was talk 

the owners are French 
the lines were long 
on Sundays 

there is a website 
there is a store 
now to the 


deborah said...

Do you miss seeing all of the wonderful spices and tea blends? Seems sad they don't do the Green Fleas now...but I do know where I'll be ordering some tea! Amazing selection of teas!

Akelamalu said...

Oh what a shame they don't come to the flea market any more. One of the things I loved when we went to Turkey on holiday was walking round the spice market - the aromas were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

Deltaville Jamie said...

I can smell those spices from here! I'll have to check out their website now that I'm relaxed enough to enjoy cooking again. And I must say, I immediately focused on the Mary Poppins marquee in your header... I have been mildly obsessed with Mary Poppins for 2 weeks now.

Dianne said...

I can comment again!!
holy crackers, I'm so happy
don't know what I did
maybe I just had to be sick for awhile

I can barely dealy with salt and pepper, let alone spices with long names

I love the cat bear, the way the bird seems to be looking at him is endearing

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

There is no smelling the website so it's a bit unfortunate, I suppose.

Frederic Spitz said...

Hey, this is Fred from Spices and Tease.

Thank you for this post.

We will be back soon at the Flea Market, but for now you can still smell all our wonderful products at our UWS store (2580 Broadway between 97&98) and at our Grand Central Terminal Location in the Grand Central Market.

Hoping to see you all soon!

Bibi said...

Mmm...can smell 'em. Reminds me of all those wonderful spices in India. My clothes happily reeked of curry and others for quite a while...and I didn't care.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I I ever got near one of those spice sellers' booths, I'd probably never leave. I'd be hooked on the fragrances!

Paxie said...

So pretty...the photo and the words! And Fred appreciates the effort!!

Reena Walkling said...

You have turned into Dr. Seuss! Love it!

Deb said...

Wishing this was a scratch and sniff post! And I love not only your colorful, detailed photo but also your clever words. You are one talented lady! And I like coming to visit your blog just to stare at the header...so much to look at, to dream about! Enjoy your weekend.

lisa said...

Taking in the sights and smells here must be wonderful!

Robin said...

Beautiful photo and I bet the reality smelled divine too. I love spice shops :).

Helene said...

This is defiitely a 'big smile' post! Love it!

Maria_NJ said...

There is a wonderful spice shop in Philly that when we go over there we visit, I love to add special spices to my cooking, I will look at the website...thank you Daryl...

Country Girl said...

Oh, well that's a shame. Sort of takes away a lot of the ambiance ~

Beth F said...

Shoot.The colors and scents must have been heavenly.