three on thursday - olympia, remington, royal

anyone old enough to remember these?
portable manual typewriters
three of the top brands
Olympia, Remington, Royal
at the Flea Market
I didnt ask how much

ToonMan had a Royal
I wonder what happened to it


  1. I had a Remington, don't know what happened to it either! Had typing class on these models-

  2. I had a very old Royal that I used
    in college.. the better to keep my
    notes organized.. lugged that thing around for years..

  3. When we flew to Hawaii in Jan 1987,
    we brought our manual JUST like those in your photo!

    Hubby had lugged it all around the world writing poetry - even publishing some in England.

    The staff at Aloha airlines INSISTED on packing it in baggage on our flight to the Big Island.

    Of course, they destroyed it and never took responsibility.

    Hawaii has taken and given us much.

    A few years after that, the Aloha airlines flight lost it's roof in flight (remember that?).

    A few years back the airline folded.

    Heh Heh. Never mess with poets!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  4. I did have an old typewriter when I was young, well my parents had one, but I can't remember the make, but it looked a great deal older than these!

    Wow, that was a trip down memory lane!

  5. I learned to type on an old Remington with green keys and a sticky k :). I was trying to explain to my son about manual typewriters and it was utterly beyond his comprehension LOL.

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  6. Amazing how much easier it is to press the keys of a computer keyboard. A person needed finger muscle for the old typewriters.

  7. I have a Smith-Corona sitting right above my head in the computer armoire. I believe it may be a little older than these.

    Curious as to the hooks hanging on the front of the Olympia :) Looks like scales of some sort.

  8. I learned on a black Remington in high school or junior high. Yes we had a typing class and we used manual typewriters. And no -- I'm not THAT old. LOL.

    My first electric was a powder blue Smith-Carona in a case similar to these.

  9. Aw, man - now I'm curious about the price of them!

  10. NO WAY!! what a fabulous find, what are the chances hey! Yup I definitely fondly remember the Remington..

  11. I had a Smith-Corona that I did battle with a few days each month when I was a teen. I do have to say that there was something satisfyingly concrete about typing something as opposed to what we're doing now. One mistake and the page was shot (except if you had Wite-Out, of course.)

  12. oh, boy, I do remember these - they were so savvy for their time - when I think of the ipad I slip in my bag now as opposed to lugging one of these around, pretty amazing xo

  13. Can't remember what I had. I remember in high school when I took typing (hands down the most useful course I've ever taken), the class had half IBM selectrics and half manual. We would alternate each day between the two. Quite a difference between the two!

  14. I still have an old Royal and a Remington. Why? Who knows... I just think they look cool! Plus they were free :)

  15. Had a Royal but took an IBM Selectric to college! So high-fallutin'....

  16. I learned to type on the Remington
    now they're art

  17. wow, how I remember them. so heavy, so easy to make a mistake and hard to
    I do not miss them.
    at all.

  18. Like TSA, I took typing in high school and it was the most useful class I ever took - although we learned on electric typewriters.

    My grandfather had a manual that I typed my first resume on. Hey, it got me a job at Sprint in 1987.

    GREAT shot and what a flood of memories that it brings.

  19. I am so late getting here today ... playing around with that iCloud proves to be challenging.
    I learned to type on these guys!

  20. I used to type my papers in high school on a manual typewriter. Boy am I grateful for computers. Even if they are finicky little machines. Anyone who's had to fix mistakes, type footnotes or retype a whole paper because something was off knows what I mean.

  21. mom & dad have one of them at home in their closet. not sure when the last time it was use. but i would type on it all the time as a kid ... trying to learn to type. fun!! (:

  22. I've got an oldie...and am wondering what to do with it....


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