a sunday post

This summer 
on a errand 
I cut through
 Grand Central Station
I'd heard about the amazing marketplace 

I stopped to snap a few photos
which eventually were download
from the camera
uploaded into Picasa
potential blog fodder

Last weekend ToonMan asked: 
why do you only post one photo on the weekends?
my reply: 
I find that I get more hits/visits/views 
(not comments, no comments are often as scarce as hens teeth)
on the Waiting Patiently series than any other photos I post

This week 
as I was prepping the Waiting Patiently photo 
I came across this photo of the bakery in the Grand Central Market
it reminded me of when I was a kid in the Bronx

How so you ask?

Well every Sunday morning my Mom gave me 50 cents for BOTH the Sunday newspapers 
(the NY Daily News and the NY Times) 
along with a list of things to get at the bakery:
crumb buns, honey buns, jelly donuts, something I cant think of the name of but it had coconut on it
I didnt really need a list 
the women who worked behind the counter 
knew me, 
knew my parents, 
they knew the Sunday order 

I'd wait my turn 
almost before I could say anything 
they had it all bagged and ready to go
I'd get the newspapers and head home
it was a weekly ritual
I'd forgotten til that photo stirred the memory pot

so this week there's a Sunday post
 you're reading it as you have some breakfast sweet with your coffee or tea 
dont get any on the keyboard!


  1. Fond memories! I wish we still had a bakery like that nearby- I miss the fresh pastries on weekends

  2. While you were getting the Sunday papers, i played with my dog who looked a lot like IGBY!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  3. just look at all those wonderful pastries...I'm drooling just a little!

  4. As a matter of fact I am reading it while drinking my morning coffee. None of those scrumptious goodies though, I had to settle for cheerios.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Like Robin, I'm having my quiet early-morning coffee this Sunday morning. I so wish I lived someplace that had a bakery like this. My dad was the one who zipped out to the bakery/deli on Sunday mornings.

  6. A lovely photo accompanied by some sweet memories.

  7. Love childhood memories like that.

    We have a similar looking store in downtown Roanoke where they have the week-end market spring through autumn each year. It's nearly a half hour drive away from our home so I never go on Sunday mornings.

  8. I adore going into a bakery like this...and your sharing your Sunday memories as a child make it even the more sweeter! Those were the days huh?

  9. That is such a nice memory. I love a good bakery with some delicious basics. We don't have donuts very often, but I like the maple bars. If we didn't already have pie in the house, this could be a very good donut Sunday.

  10. Yum! Sunday breakfast at your house must have been a treat. Love the photo!

  11. There's nothing more comforting than walking into a neighborhood bakery and drinking in the smells and the sights :)

  12. Viewed this long past breakfast, but it still looks good to me. I'll have a doughnut with coconut on it.

  13. Awesome trip down memory lane! I sure wish 50 cents bought so much today!!

  14. great post D...too bad you couldn't remember the name of the "coconut" thing. but nevertheless, a great story that brought some tender memories of your childhood.

    thank you for sharing the photo and the story!!!

  15. another wonderful post! loved the shared memory - I was in this bakery on a very rainy day over a year ago now! xo

  16. I could survive on bread I think. I'm drooling over this photo. I would go broke.

    Thank you for sharing a childhood memory. Didn't know you grew up in the Bronx :)

  17. This photo reminds me of the market on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.

  18. OMG...I'd get 2 quarters on Sunday morning, 1 for Sunday School & the other for an Archie comic book afterwards at the newstand across the street. I can still conjure the odor of the newstand....if I had been really good, Dad got me some 1 cent Bazookas also!
    As far as the bakery, my memory is of seeded rye, poppy seed rolls, BLACK & WHITE cookies & rugallah AND my all time fav a PRUNE DANISH! Boy I'd luv one right now for sure!
    Thanx for the memory jog!

  19. Grand Central Market is a terrific place to pick up something for dinner, dessert, some spices, bread, I love it too!

  20. Daryl, Yum, I can taste smell the bake shot from here! What a great memory stirrer!
    Hope you had a great weekend,but I know you did!

  21. That is a wonderful memory... wish my little ole hometown had a bakery...but Madison was always way behind the times. 2011 and still no bakery..... Gainesville has a slew..my favorite is a French patisserie that has the best
    buns in town.

  22. All those beautiful breads! I drooling.

  23. I like that memory. Hope your Sunday was enjoyable.

  24. What a lovely memory. I love cozy bakeries like the one in your photograph. They're a feast for the senses!

  25. Love your photo and the accompanying story. This week I am collecting soup recipes. Please come visit whether you have one to share or are looking for a special flavour.



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