water tower wednesday - bonus ghost sign

What a shot!
Looking up Columbus Avenue in the low West 70s
not only a water tower
a ghost sign as well


  1. two in one... what a bargain !!
    and a great capture.

  2. «Louis» likes the bonus!

    (...not to mention the water tower...)

  3. I can SMELL NYC in that shot, Dar!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  4. Great shot -- plus the cool reflections in the windows of the building at the right.

  5. Just see that you have created a Water Tower Wednesday. I am going to keep my eyes open, but I've never seen these here. Do love the NYC ones, though!

  6. love it..
    not only a tower but that great sign! that city of yours holds so many treasures.

  7. Love the pattern of the fire escape, too (although I'm not too fond of fire escapes in general!)

  8. Two for the price of one - well done!

    Loving the fire escape on that building.

  9. I'd be walking around with neck strain in your city, always looking up to see what treasures I might find:-)

  10. Absolutely amazing Daryl, so much to see in this shot apart from the obvious. The window reflections and the stairs (are they called 'escape stairs?). Excellent picture.

  11. I love all your water tower pictures :) I saw one the other day when I was in town and thought of your blog :) -Rachelle

  12. You got it all in one shot! yeah, you got water tower, ghost sign, but also reflections, and the little UP! house, to say nothing of the amazing angles of the fire escapes.
    good eye sista!

  13. Ghost sign? I see it, but didn't know that's what it is called.

    Absolutely amazing shot, hon!!

  14. Is it still in business? Possibly? I've seen/see worse-looking signs than that - letters missing, names not even posted. LOL! Cheers Daryl!!

  15. Cool shot. I love the pattern of the fire escape, too.


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