Its a tradition

Every year
on the eve 
the Upper Westside 
closes down several streets in the West 70/80s 
to allow 
Macy's employees 
to inflate the huge balloons 
that are part of their annual Parade.  

And over the years 
its become tradition 
for people to crowd the streets 
in an attempt 
to witness this up close 
there are children and adults who feel like children themselves as they watch the balloons inflate 
there is also news coverage 
lots of friendly police to keep the crowds under control 
what many forget 
dont even notice

the smaller balloons 
that line the streets 
peeking over the gates 
from inside
Margaret Mead Green

leaning out 
as far as 
they can

So excited 
waving happily

bouncing in place
 waiting to see 

the stars of the show!!

Wishing you all a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving!

*all these photos were taken last year and 'treated' with Topaz Labs Adjust 5 Spicify effect


  1. Love watching the parade on TV...would be thrilled to see it 'in person'. Someday!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. WOW... lovely captures...
    to me the best part of a parade is
    being in the staging area ( camera
    in hand of course ) and roaming

  3. Thanksgiving for me will always include the Macy's parade. The two just go hand in hand. Love your photos as always. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  4. always my favourite~

    Happy Thanksgiving all..

  5. Love this series, so fun and festive! I miss the Macy's Parade... Heck, I think I even miss the football.

  6. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU!!! Love the colorful balloons.

  7. I like your balloon photos. They do look pretty excited for the day to start.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you from out here in California.

  8. That's so colourful and cheery. The photo treatment almost makes them look candied. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Daryl, have a great day with your family. Love the star balloons!!

  10. Wow... The parade is just getting ready to broadcast here on TV... Hoping you and yours have an equally enjoyable celebration today with your family and friends that I will with mine!

  11. another peak behind the scenes, how very cool, the happiest of Thanksgiving to you and toonman and the little beasties xo

  12. Love that you are sharing these!! I feel like I'm a little part of it :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ray!!


  13. I never knew about these balloons-someday I must go see the big balloons get blown up the nite before!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours Daryl.

  14. I love the balloons...BIG and small.
    I have only gone to the parade once, but someday I will go again..and watch them fill the BIG guys up.

    I love marching bands.

  15. This is the most beautiful post. Just wonderful. Cheers!!

  16. Love the balloons. -- even the poor deflated one in the last photo. I have several relatives who have worked for Macys for years in various departments and capacities. All of them (and their spouses) have been in the parade at least once as balloon handlers.


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