toonsday - coffee, tea or ...


  1. I don't always comment here but had to this morning. I was just told to cut down on my caffeine (they might have said 'stop' but I'm taking it slow!) I sympathize!!

  2. Good question. "Take up smoking" obviously isn't the answer. Maybe chocolate, as suggested above, or some other form of sweet stimulant, in moderation?

  3. Give it time...this too shall pass. And no crying!

  4. Aww I feel your need for caffeine, I switched to decaf but its not the same. Sneak in a cup of real tea and it helps

  5. I put a decaf label on my regular coffee
    that's OK right?

  6. but wait!...why did they say to quit caffeine?
    To much??
    ticker trauma?
    blood buggers?
    Who are "they"?
    First AMC bites the dust now this!
    Where will it end???
    Sorry,I haven't had my Coffee yet.

  7. They'll have to pry the caffeine from my dead hands...
    Well, that's not true, but still - that sucks!

  8. I'm not a big fan of "they" either.

    However, I'll tell you one thing. That photo in the upper right corner of you two is downright HILARIOUS.

  9. I heard the new report... Coffee is good for you. Today.

  10. I took away Bob's regular Maxwell House and substituted Maxwell House
    LIGHT ... 50/50 mix of regular and
    decaf.. so it isn't a drastic jump
    and he hasn't complained too much.!!

  11. Nooooo...Must. Have. Caffeine. Fix. (Although I like tea)
    Good luck with this. Chocolate sounds like the best idea--but chocolate is always the best idea ; )

  12. The "experts" flip back and forth so. Coffee is good for you, then bad. Here's one way to cut back on caffeine - stop making those disgusting diet sodas. And don't tell me you like diet sodas Daryl. I would just die. LOL! Cheers!!

  13. A lot of people I know drink cola in the morning, but they told you no coffee because of the caffeine, so that would be out. Decaf just doesn't taste the same although I had a really good decaf (I think it was Paul Newman) from the Keurig this week.

  14. I feel for you Ray! I had to give up coffee three years ago & missed it so much I was just happy 'they' let me have decaff-which by the way has some caffeine in it too anyway.


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