monologue monday

We interupt the origionally scheduled post:

Do you believe in faeries?  
I sure do.  
Got a visit from the 
Fairy Hobmother 
who granted 
the wish 
I made 
over at 
Lisa Gordon Photography's blog click here 

I wished for a coffeemaker 
I'm getting

how cool is that?

want a wish granted 
I'm sayin' is 
leave me your wish in a comment 
I can guarantee 
the Fairy Hobmother  
(who spreads fairy dust/grants wishes on behalf of appliancesonline
will read it 
who knows 
he might grant it
you cant win if you ain't in
your wish 
your comment

And now 
we return, 
gentle reader, 
to the 
the outdoor excitement 
that happened Friday
on our way home from our walk

I espied a red tail hawk!
Apologies for the shadows
he was hiding behind some branches
 scoping out some late lunch 
I missed his glide off the branch
chances are there's one less squirrel in the park

A tug 
a garbage scow 
polluting the 

the ugly fruit 
that didnt fall far 
from the tree

Thanks for coming along
if you want more, just come on back
always something to see here!

Don't forget
leave your wish
in a
(putting a link to your blog or email couldnt hurt)
for the Fairy Hobmother!


  1. how sweet is that? Congratulations, wow, that Faiere is quite the sweetheart. I would just love a cell phone. just sayin'

  2. A HAWK! Just sittin` in a tree!!! Awesome capture - don't be coy apologizing for shadow. Seen some of my fuzzy bird and fish shots?

    BTW Dreaming of a BREAD MAKER!!!

    Just sayin`

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  3. Bet that ugly fruit was snarfed
    quickly by the little troll
    inside that tree.

  4. How cool to get a visit from a real-life fairy, and congratulations on a great capture too. Love the hawk.

    I don't know if the Fairy Hobmother ever visits Israel but if she did, what fun it would be to find a new blender on my doorstep, or even just an Amazon giftcard I could use for kindle books :).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Congratulations! Your coffeemaker is just like the one I wished for and won over at Lauren's last year... Amazing!!

    The tug is ugly, but a necessity unfortunately. :(

    Since I'm so blessed to have won things in the past, I wish the best of luck to all your other entries!!! Good luck!!

  6. I believe, I believe!! I would like a new toaster or coffee pot:)
    Love your pics, and I'm sure there are some trolls and gnomes living in the roots of the tree.

    Great capture of the hawk!

  7. Beautiful shots, even the ugly fruit!

    A wish? If money were no object I'd ask for a new laptop or dishwasher, but money is always an object, and that would be asking too much. So I'll ask for a new blender or a juicer.

  8. How fantastic you got your wish granted! I wish I could win the lottery - I guess that's too much to wish for right? ;)

    Love the photos, especially of the hawk - well done for spotting it!

  9. Very cool shots. It's a kick to see that hawk out in your neck of the woods.

  10. So glad to see you win! I'm not entering since I already won a gift cert from the Hobmother a while back. She's a sweetie, eh?

  11. Lucky you! Your appliance wish has been granted!

    I wish I may I wish I might get the stellar juicer I wish for tonight!

    Love the random sightings photos you posted! And that hawk!

    I'm happy to read that your area didn't get much damage from Irene. Lee is dumping a boat load of water outside my window as I type.

  12. What an amazing shot of the hawk in the tree! The garbage scow was somewhat less appealing!

    If I had a new coffeemaker, I'd be pretty pleased!

  13. Wow, Daryl - how cool is that?! Congrats!!
    Loove the redtailed hawk photo!
    The tree looks kinda pervy, though. Ha! :)

    Hmm... I could really use a new toaster oven, but I didn't see any on the site. I never win anything, but I'm going ti wish for a toaster oven, anyway. Can't hurt to try, right?!

  14. wow! how exciting to see the hawk so close up!

    I love the spirit of your giving Daryl & I too feel especially blessed these days so I will wish for someone else to have their wish granted.
    : )

  15. Hey girl! Congrats! Quick stop by before Ralph pulls me off the computer! Vacation soon coming to an end .. looking forward to catching up!

  16. How often do we get a chance at a Fairy Hobmother? I came back to make a wish :)

    A new camera...nothing fancy. Just with a ZOOM! Thank you for the opportunity..

    Why is Lauren wishing for a new job?
    I may have to ask her.

  17. I have been very busy for the last few days. Sorry to miss your posts.

    My wish? The same as yours. I need a coffee maker desparately. I am getting tired of instant - LOL! Although, it ain't all that funny. Imagine! - me the formost coffee connoisseur drinker on the east coast not having fresh brewed java? :::ducks:::

    Where I used to live I used to see birds of prey all the time - eagles, falcons, hawks. Boy, do I miss them. Come to think of it I don't remember seeing that many squirrel. Cheers D!!

  18. I need a new & sleeker body--can that be arranged?

    Great photos--our hawks hang out on the expressway light poles [piglets!]


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