wordless wednesday

I think 
polar bear 
is giving us 
a raspberry, 
a bronx cheer, 
a bit of tongue 
to say 
enough with the photos!


  1. Love the bears.. I could watch the
    ones in the Vancouver zoo for hours..
    oooh.. I have

  2. definitely a bear with personality-that's for sure!

  3. I remember seeing an adult polar bear in his pool at the Tacoma zoo having a GREAT time with a large rubber ball; couldn't believe he was such a 'kid.'

  4. golly, they are big.
    he needs a bit of bleaching, get a little more white.

  5. And all while having his tail tucked behind...LOL

  6. If I smile like this, will you give me some salmon.

    Great shot of the guy!

  7. when Jeffrey was a child the Central Park Zoo was a favorite place to go, we'd spend forever with the polar bears

  8. He must get so fed up with all the paparazzi. I'd stick my tongue out too!!

  9. Love the photo!

    I hope everything is okay in your neck of the woods after the earthquake.

  10. Now YOU are what is known as a GREAT friend!! Thank you lol!!

    P.S. Were you rockin and rollin yesterday, I thought of you.

  11. He's saying, "THANK goodness I'm not at the Birmingham Zoo!"

  12. I think he is wishing for an iceberg. In the Arctic Circle.

  13. ps - it took me 3 tries to post this comment. I kept getting the WV wrong. Why you still have WV, D?

    oh, damnit. here it is again.

  14. I am back to say that I have no idea how those comments got there because it kept telling me that I had the WV wrong.

  15. One of my fave animals. I don't appreciate what's happening in the Artic concerning their environment either. Great shot! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!


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