monday monologue - heat wave

Has it cooled off where you are?  
in the 
Baked Apple 
we're in for a few days 
less steamy temps 
followed by another wave of heat
Did you know 
in order to be considered 
an actual 
heat wave 
temps must be over 
(mumbles to disguise forgetting a relevant piece of info) 
for 3 consecutive days 
(remembered that tho) 

We did not go out for a walk 
I went out once a day 
for as brief a time as I could 
ventured out once to go 
 I forget where  
I do recall 
he brought back ice cream   

I did my beautifying™ 
I did some errands
I saw the chiropractor 
for the spasm in my back 
that began on Tuesday 
 by Saturday seemed okay 
until I woke 
with it feeling like it was starting all over again
I wonder 
if the stress 
of downloading 
being flummoxed 
by Apple's Lion OS 
could have done it?  

I spoke to 
4 Apple reps 
4 different 
WTF issues 
which were fairly easy to resolve  

not so much  
I insisted 
he upgrade 
he was in the midst of editing a client reel 
but he said okay 
we discovered 
no longer supports
 3 major software programs 
he uses to do his job  
He also never backs up his hard drive 
so his fix
wont happen til today 
he had to back up the entire HD 
he was to be talked through the process
 not by an Apple rep 
but an 
Apple doesnt want any casualties.

So aside from stressing over OS installs uninstalls what did we do?  
We freaked on Friday midmorning when the AC and half the apartment lost power 
turned out to be a dead surge protector 
easily fixed  

We also watched two NetFlix movies 
one on DVD 
which I loved 
really I loved it 
Matt Damon 
John Slattery 
(of Mad Men)
Emily Blunt 
its a fantasy/sci fi/romance
lots of cool special effects  

was the other film 
we streamed from NetFlix 
off the new AppleTV 
it was fun
Demi Moore 
David Duchovny
a cast of recognizable TV actors

Even tho we didnt go walking
here are two photos
from last weekend's waterfall walk

this stream

leads to this small water fall


  1. Beg to differ with any stats LOL, this is a heat wave!! I'd like to be waving goodbye to it.

    Must be frustrating to do all that computer stuff when your job relies on it :( Wish you both good luck.

    Stress at puter, we know is not good for the back.

    I want to lay in the waterfall. So refreshing. The pool yesterday was like bath water. :(

    Have a good week, sweetie!

  2. I need to go lie down now .... I'm exhausted!

  3. It's *only* gonna be 89 here tomorrow! Woohoo!
    Glad your power came back easily - others, not so lucky (not me, thank God)!

  4. Thanks for the film tips. Weather's turned cool here; maybe I'll stay in and watch one. I love the waterfall and how you caught the water.

  5. The heat has been fairly brutal. Aside from my forays to play softball, I've stayed inside with MY WIFE and we've also enjoyed some movies, although in our case we went back a few more years than you two did. We have been on a Preston Sturges kick lately, so we watched Christmas In July, Unfaitfully Yours, and a wholly-underrated and hilarious flick entitled The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock (which is one of my favorites of all-time, although it seems most I mention it to have never even heard of it, which is a shame.)

  6. always enjoy starting my Mondays with a bit of your weekend!! xxo

  7. The pictures are beautiful, Daryl. I swear i can feel the coolness of the air near them.

    Good luck with all the comp issues. That stuff twists my brain into a pretzel.

  8. It's been brutal here in Indiana, too. Much too hot to go out if we don't have to. Staying in and watching movies sounds like an excellent plan, and I've been meaning to see The Adjustment Bureau. I'll be sure to catch it now, given your recommendation.

    Sorry your back and your computer are giving you grief. I hope things are going better for you now.

  9. My heart goes out to you! So hot here in SC we're back in drought conditions and I'm actively campaigning for winter!!!

  10. Ugh
    stay cool and safe. We had the long cold powerless winter, now you are having the heat part of it... Geez.

  11. Ah the heat is horrible this year. We've had records broken right and left in NC. That's a beautiful waterfall.

  12. Daryl, will there ever be a time when install/uninstall isn't a part of our life! I fear not.
    I commiserate with you on heat waves! I don't like them. We haven't had much of any kind of heat this year yet. It got up to 30 degrees yesterday and today it's down to 15! That's celcius! But still, what a difference.
    Oh well, gives us something to gripe about!
    Stay cool

  13. Today was an okay day for July in the South, but we have had some killer days this year.

    Speaking of irritating computer brother came over to find out why I had no sound and discovered my drivers had disappeared. He fixed that issue and updated everything. Two days later when I tried to use my scanner, I discovered that now the scanner drivers are gone. HP doesn't have Vista compatible ones since they think my scanner is outdated...there is something out there that makes it work because my son fixed this same problem back when I first got Vista...of course he is 13 hours away.....

  14. And today we never got out of the '70º's. Go figure.

  15. It's oppressive here in Maryland. Your computer lingo is completely over my head.

  16. Sorry the Lion pounced on you. No fun.
    At least we got our rain today. Lovely, lovely rain...

  17. isn't it funny how this unbearable heat causes most of us to do the same thing we do in snowstorms?

  18. Not sure I am going to want Lion either. Grrrrr. Long time Apple users here and Hubby always thinks we need the newest stuff they offer. He can have it on his computer, but "don't touch mine" my darling husband.



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