three on thursday

more people enjoying the pier this past weekend
I think 
they are all 
at that 


  1. very funny .. they do appear to
    be ignoring one another..

  2. I don't know... the guy in the red shirt seems to be showing a bit of interest in the lady. She on the other hand is having no part of it. HA! Tons of body language going on.

  3. the middle guy does appear to be leaning in a bit to the woman
    friend or pervert? ya never know :)

  4. Did you nab that guy on the right, and ask him to sit there for the photo? I would have charged you!

    Another amazing tres.

  5. The guy on the right is a bit of chair hog ... reminds me of the folks in airports ... can ya move that luggage so I can have a seat??????
    On the other hand, he's a little Richard Gere looking ... may have been worth asking him to move over so I could sit down! LOL

  6. Mmmmmm, strangers? I'm not so sure. the guy in the red shirt is leaning towards the woman - maybe they're together.

  7. Strangers who sit right next to each other! I'd have skipped a seat.

  8. I would have to agree with you! Ty and Brian loved their trip this week...a dose of the city does everybody good!

  9. The bike seems like the only comfortable one! LOL

  10. Married couple with no need to talk?

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral




  11. Which pier is that? Are we seeing Brooklyn on the other side? Queens?

  12. They don't seem to be enjoying the view. Although the woman is looking out, she seems to be deep in thought.


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