monday monologue

anyone using Blogger's 
to set up posts to post at a specific time?  
Is it working?  
Mine isn't 
Every morning 
I check 
 the post 
which was supposed 
to publish 
at midnight 
its still sitting there 

This past weekend was so nice. 
Two terrific walks
 in the park to points 
no Edelstein 
had walked before always exciting 
ToonMan is a Virgo  
He plans out the walks ahead of time 
in his head
so when we hit the street 
he knows exactly where he wants to walk.  

we did a loop 
going uptown and then down
we just walked downtown  
We went back to the piano on the pier 
then walked further downtown 
along this lovely pathway with little piers and benches
(stay tuned those pix will sometime this week)

 speaking of benches
I spotted 
this on the way home last weekend  
Best bench in the world by Oscar  
Thats what it says

Now I get to digress
this past Thursday 
when I left
the office
Times Square was filled
skateboard aficionados
watching this

and my favorite photo from this past weekend
is this
 in a gallery on Madison Avenue in the East 70s.

click on the photos 
they will enbiggin


  1. Uh oh. Mine's working so far and I hope it continues. I'm going to be away from the computer a fair bit and relying on it. That last reflection shot it great!

  2. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Behind the times, I am!

  3. Mine is working ... well, anyway, it did last night. I understand ToonMan's need ... I, too, am a Virgo. Challenging since The Professor would much rather just meander and wind up where we wind up!

  4. I rarely use the scheduled post thing, so I'm not sure. Blogger is really irritating!
    Skateboarding boys - brings back some fun memories!

  5. Good thing I wasn't there.... I would have pushed the button just to see if he was lying to me.


  6. I love best bench in the world! that's priceless

  7. I use the scheduler too. No problem.

    That best bench? All I could think of was someone probably had sex there. Memories come in all forms.

  8. LOL! I'm in the same league as TSannie - don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Guess I'm not the only one behind the times. As my daughter would say, "Mama, you need to get out more." LMAO!! Cheers Daryl

  9. I haven't found the time to sit and figure out the scheduled blog posting. Or to stockpile blogs for that matter. Or to go for a walk. Now I've decided I'm going to do one of those at some point this week. And grandma J's comment about the bench made me start singing the "Oscar Mayer Weiner" song. And we'll just leave it at that.

  10. I just hit publish. Had no idea there was a new scheduler.

    Love your walks, though.

  11. I only this very hour learned how to schedule posts, from Hedgewitch, who seemingly knows everything. So, I have never tried it (yet).

  12. These walks are a true silver

  13. I haven't scheduled a post in a long time. I can barely think of anything to say. I'm becoming a virtual mute. :(

  14. Lol...those Virgos are all the same that way-my son is one!

  15. Blogger has a Scheduler?!! (Of course it would be wasted on me,lol) Love the best bench in the world!

  16. One (me) would have to actually write a blog post to see if it's working. Gah.

    You must know how exciting your life is to me. If I were any more envious I'd be...just extremely envious. LOL


  17. Haven't tried the Schedule lately, though it has worked for me in the past. Love that "best bench" shot. I wonder what the story is behind that one.

    You see more interesting things in one stroll than I do in a month.

  18. Regarding the bench, it doesn't look very comfortable, so I wonder what Oscar sees when he sits there. Yes, my Blogger scheduler seems to work.


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