monday monologue

Summer Half Day Fridays are back
 I'll be taking the whole day off 
beginning June 24 through Labor Day  
I will be miserable 
when I have to go back to working five days 

This Friday I left to meet ToonMan at his new cardiologist.  
Good news two meds have been discontinued
he's going to Cardio Rehab in a few weeks 
it will be like summer camp for him and his heart
 ... 3 days a week ... 
he's an excellent patient 
in contrast
 to his former self 
his pre-infection self 
Now when I nag 
he listens  
Sort of 

When we got back 
I decided it was cool enough out to wash the windows. 
I do this once a year 
I know
I am a sloth when it comes to housework  
I do it so when the AC is in the front window
 the place gets some light 
now with the morning glories ready to vine 
(I just coined phrase to vine™
I need clean windows 

I beautified™
 did some errands before meeting ToonMan for a short walk
nothing exciting 
just a short trip to the market and back 
Then we relaxed before SILESQ 
(ToonMan's nickname for his lawyer sister-in-law, my sister) 
came by to get her birthday gift  
We got her an iPad2   
I showed her some short cuts and how-to's on mine 

We went to 5 Napkin Burger 
(her choice, she had the most amazingly fabulous veggie burger
for her birthday dinner  
We all ate way too much 
skipped dessert 
tho when we got home 
ToonMan had some ice cream

I did my weekly devotional mani/pedi at Polished 
I went cup hunting 
my beloved mug cracked
its now in recycling
not rehab, silly. 

A new one is still being looked for
the one I got at BasicsPlus 
seemed like a good one 
but its too thick/heavy
I will continue to look  
The perfect mug is out there
I know it  

Then we took our weekly wander  
This time we headed uptown 
through Riverside Park 
past the People's Gardens aka Community Gardens
I stopped to snap this shot for CBW 
to show her how those vines have 
taken over the lamp post 
taken in 
early May

Now looks like this

We walked 
where no Edelstein 
had walked before
 .. at least neither of us .. 
those pix will be shared later in the week.

And because I know you are all eagerly anticipating new shots of the morning glories here they are

Can you see 
the delicate twine 
ToonMan uses to train the glories 
to vine™?

Look at them go!


  1. Whew! What a busy weekend! I'm exhausted. Totally understand the mug thing .. I have one fave for 15 years ... just perfect the way my fingers cup into it ... been hunting for another just in case!

    Good news ToonMan ... you go!

    Glories will be glorious soon ... Kate will no longer be able to taunt you! :-)

  2. I'm so happy that he's getting to come off some of the medication. I wish you both well, and enjoy those Fridays off!

  3. I love devotional mani/pedi :)

    the morning glories are looking good

  4. Oh I cannot wait to see the morning glories grow!

  5. thanks for taking us with you on your three day - so fun xo

  6. Daryl, what a wonderful, delicious weekend you had!

  7. Love the light post with the vines all over, and especially your morning glories!!

  8. The difference in the vine growth on that lamp post is amazing. Doesn't even look like the same post. Everything here is lush and green too.

  9. Great news to hear the meds are being reduced. And go babies, go to your morning glories.
    Wow on the lamp post!

  10. I'm so glad that Toonman's health is moving in the right direction.

    That vine....before you know it, it will cover that post and then the building next to it, then it well turn orange.

  11. It is SO DIFFICULT to find the perfect mug!

  12. sigh, walking the man... Sigh.
    YOu have a great view, and vines.

  13. wow! an Ipad for a birthday gift??? you two are VERY generous-though I am not really surprised.
    : )
    Glad to hear about TM's meds too, such good news.

  14. A perfect weekend.. you got so
    much accomplished and I just
    went in circles.

    Glad that Toonman is 'listening' to
    you... maybe he can have a word
    with his brother Bob ....

  15. 1. Yay for getting off some of those meds! My aunt has had some heart stuff going on and she is enjoying heart camp too.
    2. I love the pole pre lushness better than post lushness though I enjoy that lushness weather is here finally.
    3. Yay for the vining morning glories!
    4. Can I be your SILSEC (sis in law secretary)? My birthday is in Oct and I'll be happy with just the old iPad ;)

  16. Good news re the meds. I'm not great with windows either. Looking forward to photos of your new territory.

  17. I thought windows were only done once a year. Oh my.

    When weed eating, I happily chop morning glory vines back and now I feel like I've committed a crime.

    You two always have lovely weekends and I'm glad to hear Toonman is behaving and getting better each day.

    Yes, I know I'm commenting on Thursday. Sorry! LOL


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