I like this picture

Standing in the center of
West 79th Street West End Avenue 8 p.m. 
I feel like an Eagles song
Having missed the Stonehenge-ish sunset 
the night before 
I was intent on getting a sunset. 

Suffice it to say 
once a year 
once a year 
standing in the middle of a busy 4 lane thoroughfare 
getting a shot of the sunset
the traffic light changes 
can be done.


  1. You are the bravest woman I know. In New York.

  2. I second what Ellen said! BRAVE woman!!! I like this picture too...very much!!

  3. I like it too.

    The things we do for art... ;)

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  4. Wow. Used to live in Phoenix, AZ and drivers there would just run the red light and squash you like a bug.

    Nice shot!

  5. All in the name of photography!!

  6. your a brave woman Daryl but this photo is so worth it!

  7. I like this picture too. You should get a Golden Frogger Award for this one.

    Your blog is like New York itself; there is so much great stuff to see, and it just keeps coming.

  8. It is a gorgeous picture. I'm impressed that you were able to get the shot and not get run over.

  9. Oh I like it too.. no tire marks up your legs?


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