toonsday - and the winner is


  1. BA-DUMP BUMP! And I need to see that samba, please. ; )

  2. Great news! Rock on Ray! (Or should that be "samba on"?)

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  3. So happy you are feeling better Ray. I was playing with my nephew that game we used to play where we would add to each other's drawings. It brought back great memories until I realized that everyone in his drawings was being horribly mutilated or defecated upon. Now instead of it being a sweet experience, I must have an intervention with his mom.

    Love ya


  4. yahoo!!!!! i would like to see this samba number as well :)

  5. LoL! very good!
    You can bet people will be using this one Ray.
    : )

  6. hee hee!
    Hope spring is treating you well.
    daughter leaves today so it might be peaceful.....
    hope to see you very soon
    it WILL actually happen
    now the sun is sometimes out!

  7. As a former dancer, this one is a hoot! And a huge congrats, Toonman, on those "numbers!"

  8. Excellent! Can't wait to see a video of your samba:)

  9. Terrific news and it's probably the walking and the samba!

  10. You may need to incorporate this in the next movie. I see a duet with your good buddy.


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