three on thursday

I asked why are they all different times?
She replied they all need batteries
Suffice it to say 
my sister 
our father's 


  1. I'm fascinated by them too. I don't know how many I have....almost all don't work anymore. I'm attracted to their designs. Poor children today...they will never know the sound an old clock makes...tick tock, tick tock.

  2. LOL...she would never make it in Tourneau;)

  3. Loved the sound of my grandfather's ticking mantle clock which then became my father's ticking mantle clock which now ticks away at my sister's house. Clocks are a wonderful thing to pass down through the family with all the memories they hold.

    Those are three great looking clocks.


  4. Imagine if they were all ticking at the same time! :0

  5. Funny how some people are like that. Me? I consider clocks a necessary evil, nothing more, and I never wish to see one unless I'm looking for one. I never wear a watch unless I have an absolute must-not-miss appointment and I expect to be somewhere another timepiece will not be available.

  6. I can totally relate - these look like the clocks at my house!
    I love this three on Thursday theme.

  7. Several years ago, I had a neighbor with this fascination too. He had to have had at least 100 clocks in his house. It was very cool looking, and listening to the stories about them.


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