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The weather looked 'iffy' so Toonman took a pass on walking 

After John beautified™ me
despite a mistake in appointment time 
(second time this week, it might really be me not them)
my bad 
I hit Zabars  
Shrimp salad, cheddar cheese and Chopped Liver for him 
blueberries, tuna and chicken salads for m  
Ice cream for us both  

Schlepped home only to head back out to meet my friend Wendy for a late lunch  

On the way the skies opened
 the temperature dropped 
 it was back to sunshine
 soft white clouds in a deep blue sky

I cant tell you where we ate 
I know it was on Columbus at 83 
we shared a lovely tuna with artichoke on ciabati bread
I had a 'wild greens' salad with orange slices, rasperries, and avocado  

After lunch Wendy had to stop into a little bodega 
I waited outside with this handome guy 
who wagged happily to see Wendy
 his person just behind her

While I was getting this shot 
a woman approached me 
she said:  
You needed to get a photo of 

This is Myles
he's a happy guy

After taking leave of Wendy
I walked across West 81 St
this house on the north side of the street 
always stops me

Look closely at the rooftop

On the walk home 
I took my favorite 

78th Street 

stopping to admire these window boxes

At Amsterdam Avenue
 I stopped at

 where they sell
fresh from Maine
lobstah rolls

bon appetite!


  1. Oh MY!

    I am JONESING for an afternoon in The City like that.

    Thanks for the next best thing. Rain check?

    Warm Saturday Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  2. Oh! That cool wisteria-covered house! Oh, to live in Manhattan and discover such things every day--priceless. Thank you.

  3. that house is gorgeous! I'd love to see the inside of it too.
    : )

  4. Mmmm... lobsta rolls. Jay and I are heading back to Maine for a few days this summer and this has SO put me in the mood :).

    Love the vine-covered house!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  5. Goodness, what another great day you had! Especially food wise!
    You made my mouth water!

  6. Beautification, good food, dogs, more good food and a wisteria covered building - what a great day! I am enjoying it!

  7. Oh my gosh, Daryl, what wonderful pictures!

    I like Myles, hehe.

    I hope your kits did something nice for you today!

  8. The wisteria (from my eyes) looks like it is in the shape of an owl! The top windows looks like its eyes. :-)

  9. The wisteria - takes me back to my grandmother's house, and the wisteria covering the arbor that led to the outhouse. As kids we thought that was so very cool :)

  10. Amazing...the wisteria is growing in such an amazing design! I always enjoy my walks with you =)

  11. It sounds and looks like a perfect spring day.


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