waiting patiently

Well, he might be a dog turtle
he's a NewYawk turtle 
waiting patiently for spring to warm the pond. 
I started this week
at the pool in Central Park
I thought I'd wrap 
it up that way


  1. Well, that's a good idea - to come full circle. We must go here next time I'm up there.

  2. I wouldn't be ready to dip my toes into that cold water yet either!

  3. Your photo reminds me of a scene we used to see every time when we passed a small local pond/lake. There was a submerged log where a whole family of turtles sunned themselves each day. Some would face one direction and others would be facing the opposite side...I guess they could cover all angles that way.

  4. Wonderful! We used to "capture" box turtles and keep them for a few days with a pie tin of water and some grass, but always had to let them go. They were seeking something other, just like this guy...

  5. I feel kinda "turtley" today - that is, moving rather slowly and carefully so I don't fall off a branch!

    Glad you got your iPad2!

  6. catching a few rays! he's glad its spring time too!

    wv: restet The turtle restet on the branch in the water

  7. I'm turtley with my sore leg. I'd love to just sit in the sun and soak in spring, but I've got packing to do. Lovely image D. Sigh........

  8. Love that green.

    Wish I could spend the day sunning myself on a log.

  9. love the photo Daryl..the water is almost like a Monet...


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