waiting patiently

Last weekend on my way to the Greenmarket 
 I stopped at my favorite 
not necessarily 
for grown-ups store 
Stoopher and Boots.  
I did a post about them click here to see.

Stephanie and Scout 
were hosting an open house for Scout's pals

that's Stephanie behind the counter.

this is Scout

Turns out 
I am not at all good
 at snapping pups 
who are 
posing vs candids 
on the street
 gotta practice more 
I had to fuzz these to make them look good
 apologies to both you, dear reader,  and the pups!

this is Foxy Brown

 I am embarassed to say I cant remember this adorable pup's name

if you live on the Upper Westside, 
have a child
 or a dog
 or just like fun eclectic shops
 stop in and say hi
 buy something for yourself or your kid or your pet

Stoopher and Boots
is on Amsterdam between 78-79th Streets


  1. adorable pups one and all
    looks like a sweet fun shop

  2. That looks like a happening place! Loved the pics -- I think you did a great job!

  3. Fuzzy or not, these pics make me want a dog!

  4. My kind of store - pet friendly and fun!
    Hope you are feeling better today-

  5. Love Stooper and Boots! I have many items sold in that sweet shop!

  6. George would feel very out of place here. Unless there were squirrel toys. Or sheep.

    cute pups, too.


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