three on thursday

St Paul's, Mama's Church, is just lovely inside and out.
A year ago mid February 
the VA Blisters were due to visit 
NewYawk and Connecticut 
 a snow storm kept them from coming.
CountryGirl Kate drove up from MD, picked me up and off to Connecticut we went.  
We spent the weekend with MentalPauseMama, TSAnnie, and darling Jules
We ate, we drank, we took photographs 
and had a super time

Have you spent time with good friends recently?
Where did you go?
What did you do?
(see, three things!)


  1. What a great shot! So tranquil.

  2. What a lovely weekend!
    It has been a while since I spent time with friends, everyone is so busy these days-

  3. If I could sprout wings, I'd be sitting there with you and Mama after our haircuts and holding a mimosa. Period.

  4. We regularly see good friend - every Saturday night! :)

  5. Oh the stories those benches can probably tell!

  6. Well, I played softball on Sunday, with my teammates whom I mostly hadn't seen since last September. But, I know you don't want to hear about that :-)

  7. has two babies... need way more than three things from the grocery... probably wont get them... and ordered three topings on a pizza from pizza hut delivery.

  8. Still can't believe we missed that weekend.

    We need to plan a re-do. Or a do-over.

    Yes, this past weekend the local blog contingent came over. WE danced the night away in crab hats and drank lots of wine. It was wonderful but we missed y'all. (We sent you a picture, I think.)

    wv: nalatong. A utensil only seen in the most exotic of restaurants. Maybe I'll get to use some whenever I get to NYC.

  9. Beeeee-u-tiful. And so sad I couldn't be there that weekend! Bah.

  10. I was all, whoa! I know that place. Let's do it again!

  11. I know this place. And hey, thanks for the shout out. To answer the question, it's been awhile since I spent time with good friends. Must remedy this.


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