Rose and Jack

Aren't they sweet?  
No, don't look at the floor, its a losing battle keeping it cat track free.  
Aren't they sweet?  
Well, only when they're sleeping 

when I see Rose napping,
 lying all relaxed 
 curled up
I want to shake her, 
I want to do something to wake her, 
to annoy her the way she annoys me 
every morning 
crying and scratching on the bedroom door.  

That door 
 is shut against both of them
one of them peed the bed 
then the other peed it to re-mark it .. 
not recently, 
no, it was
months and months ago
 but every time I think I can trust them 
I remember how much it cost to replace 
 that were used in this
pissing contest
of this is mine, 
no its mine.  
Well, hello, its 

Jack started trying to get the door open by scratching at it, 
digging at the wood, 
now he lets Rose do it 
she does with lots of mewling 
Mewling is cat whining for those who aren't owned by a cat

I try hard to ignore the noise. 
Toonman seems to not hear anything, he tunes it out
the way he tunes out the sound of my voice 
I am asking him to organize the papers for the accountant 
ask if he's eaten his yogurt
He simply does not hear them or me.
wha wha wha wha wha

We have Jack a year now and Rose still wishes he'd leave!
But they are sweet, aren't they.


  1. I can sympathize. Fiona marks when Cassie uses her pads. Fiona is not quite as fastidious as Cassie. And I never read a thing that said Chihuahuas were nocturnal. Good thing pets are so sweet to look at!

  2. Our pets run our lives, don't they?
    Rose and Jack are adorable!!

  3. They are sweet even during those times we want to shake them. My Rosie is 16 now and has peeing issues mostly related to age. Rosie used scratch up my leather shoes though. Drove me nuts.

  4. My two are adjusting to the loss of their 'boss' cat and its strange to watch them jockey for head cat. They do run the NasCat 500 every night, just as we are trying to sleep.

    Yours are adorable and so sweet!

  5. They do look sweet but I understand cats. I know what it is like to be kept awake by whining kitties during the night AND what it is like to have them clawing at the door (and the carpet in my case) when you lock them out. Bad kitties!

  6. I recognize that look! Like, when are you going to feed me. Our kitty is 24 pounds and 14 years old. So no running about the house but he does his whining every morning and then in the evening he tries to herd us into the bedroom so he can lay on the bed with us while we watch TV. Of course, I must lift him up on the bed cause he can no longer jump up. I still love him all the same even with all his bad bad behavior!

  7. I *do* bother my cats when they're napping - for that very reason! (Not all the time -just sometimes!)
    Hope they're behaving today. :D

  8. My daughter's cats started marking the bedding when daughter and her hubby started having children... as for the dog?Nope.... never a mark. I like looking at cats because they are beautiful creatures but I've never trusted them... sneaky bastages they are.


  9. Rose is cute, Jack not so much.. he just looks ornery. Ears back, eyes slanted says a lot in cat body language don't ya think?

  10. Ohhh Emmmm Geee! Déjà vu! Sounds so much like the Cookie Cat at my house. I really wish she could either tell time or just learn how to open the door to let herself out! Who has who trained!!!!

  11. They're made cute so we don't kill them. Which I've wanted to do to Trey-cat on more than one occasion...

  12. They are indeed sweet. I can't believe it's already a year that you have Jack. I've been very lucky with my current kitties. It would never occur to them to pee anywhere but their litter box. I've had a pissy cat before. I know it's not fun.

  13. You've had Jack for a whole year? Wow. Yes, they do look sweet. They're just annoying sometimes.

  14. OH I don't like "Bad Kitty Tales". My Meepsie is perfect, except .....

  15. You really aren't making a case for me to get a cat.....I raised 4 children...I don't want to have to potty train anything again.

    BTW, I received the book and I'm enjoying reading about all the places I'd like to see one day. Thanks again!

  16. Rose and Jack look too sweet to get into any trouble... right ?!!

    I swear that Bob and Toonman are
    related.. at the very least they
    have that male hearing ( NOT )
    in common.

  17. Rose and Jack - how cute!

    We've had marking cats before, but thank goodness, my Spooky never goes outside her litter box. The dogs, on the other hand...little Emma hits the peepad or goes outside every time, but those boys will mark everything in their path.

    Trust me though - dog marking is infinitely preferable to male cat marking.

  18. They are as cute as can be, and vigorously deny these specious charges!

  19. Yes, it's a love/hate relationship, for sure. They are pretty cats, though.


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