monday monologue - reflections and the winner

 this picture 
taken under the influence 
is upon further reflection

 "Lurker" turned me onto a place uptown called 
 the pool, 
see pool - reflection there really is a through line here but it seems to be running express tonite. 
I am not sure if that's a formal name or ... wait I will Google, seriously, wait
and it is
I didnt explore far enough to find the waterfall .. next time!

 if you want to see more, my other blog will feature photos taken there all week

I slipped up there camera in purse 
while Toonman napped this afternoon
 after which I got myself a Five Napkin Tuna 'burger' 
eaten much to the cats displeasure
out of their reach

It was odd to be there knowning 
I had lived only 4 blocks away 
til I was the ripe old age of amost 5
I have not a single memory of the place, 
not that it would have changed in the ahem years since I was almost 5.

No deep reflections, no soul searching this week
thisbloody head cold seems to be fading
then my throat gets scratchy all over again
I am going to hit post and hope this  dribble is semi coherent
wipe your chin!

 I didnt forget the winner of the travel book is:

comment #7



  1. Congratulations to Steviewren.

    Hope your cold eases its way out of your life this week.

  2. congratulations Steviewren!
    & feel better Daryl. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water?
    hope you feel better by the time you read this.
    : )

  3. Kudos to Steviewren! You are quite the trooper. Get rest and get better. xoxo

  4. Happy Monday! Hope that cold goes away soon!

  5. Congrats to StevieWren!
    Reflections on the reflections of shadows?
    Hope you start feeling better soon-

    wv: derslu Daryl has derslu

  6. I often reflect upon shadows

    feel better
    I have a sinus infection in support of you

  7. Well done to steviewren!

    Hope the cold is on it's way out now Daryl. x

  8. Love the shadowy reflections...and the reflections on shadow-memories.

    Knock that thing out of yourself with vitamin C--lots of vitamin C!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to read about all the unexpected destinations here in the good old USA. Maybe I can even get a trip together sometime soon.

    Love the reflect/shadow shot. It is deep and intriguing. Makes me feel reflective.

    Get Better Soon!


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