foodie friday #25

sea salt


  1. One of my favorite snacks - yum!

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  2. Oh YUMMY! I love, love, love. Too bad we've been so snowed in. I'm getting very tired of my own cooking!

  3. Love the shot, but you can have the
    edamame , I would keep the bowl.

    Hope the weekend is less hectic
    for you and Toonman.

  4. Can you believe I've never eaten edamame before? I can never find it at our grocery...way behind the times here!

  5. I've only had it once in a restaurant in Richmond, but I loved it! Delicious.

    wv: sping. They're almost as good as sping rolls.

  6. Those look yummy! How is Toonman doing? Is he home or still in the hospital?

  7. mmmm. Good....
    being unable to eat Sushi until August has me kind of missing it (a lot),
    but I can eat some edamame!

  8. I had to google Edamame, I've never heard of it. I thought they were pea pods! :0

  9. My daughter and my FAVORITE snack =) Oh, with a small dash of light soy sauce....

  10. Edamame is high in purines... thus not on a gout diet. :o( Ha! like that stops me! lovely stuff.

  11. Immature soybeans? And you eat them? With sea salt?

    Okay. Why? ;-)

    I should never knock something I haven't tried and know nothing about.

    Still...I suppose they're better for you than French fries. :-)

  12. My step-son and I chowed down a pile in my kitchen once. I have to buy some again - I wonder if Whole Foods carries fresh? Hmmm.

  13. love love loves these - warm & salty is the best!


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