sunday stuff

This was actually shot this past Tuesday evening 
 you can ice skate 
at Rockefeller Center's skating rink 
any Sunday you like ...
 tho that tree won't be there for long after the new year


  1. The tree is spectacular this year with its LED lights, isn't it? The skating looks like fun times:)

  2. Ooooh! Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh!

    Love this year's tree!

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  3. Golldoggit, Robin, stop saying my comments before I get here! ;-)

  4. and then you can pop into the 'dedelstein' cafe for a bit of peppermint tea :)

  5. Have you ever skated there. I think that would be something every New Yorker should do at least once!

  6. Beautiful! I'd love to go ice skating there some time.

    wv: codoizat. Knowing me, if I went ice skating, I'd fall and break my codoizat. And everyone knows that can be painful.

  7. And then you came to meet us for dinner! What a fun evening, Daryl.

  8. That was one of my favorite spots when in New York! Nice shot of a beautiful tree!

    We just got home from S. Florida, and I was reading about the blizzard this is hitting you today and tomorrow! Not good. Stay in and stay warm!

  9. Such a festive place to skate or just watch.

  10. Wow...absolutely beautiful!
    May be covered with snow soon!

    You take care and stay warm :)

  11. I like what Dianne said!
    & I bet ice skating around that rink with the tree there is a wonderful experience.


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